The Top 5 Open World Games on PS4

Open world games are all the rage at the moment. But there are some games that do it far better than others do. When people say open worlds games, I’d bet most people think of a fantasy or sci-fi game like Skyrim. Most of the time they’d be right, but when really look a which games did the open world stuff best, you’d be surprised to see that all of them aren’t fantasy or science fiction.

Open world games combine lots of different elements to make one big user experience. Side quests, the environment, the AI that inhabits the world – all make up the game world. Some do this far better than others and it’s the reason they have made it onto our list of the Top 5 Open World Games on PS4.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

I would not be forgiven had I not included The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on this list, and rightfully so. This is an epic game both in scale and story. You take control of Geralt, a Witcher who hires himself out for the slaying of ghouls, ghost and all manner of demons.

The game world in The Witcher 3 is massive, and all the types of environments you could wish for. Sail the open seas or traverse hilly terrain on horseback in search of your next Griffin to slay.

The Witcher has both impressive beasts to slay and some of the most interesting side quests in an open world game to date. So much thought went into the narrative and execution on the game’s story. This seems fitting for a video game based on a series of books.

You can spend hours in the world of the Witcher either playing one of its mini games like Gwent or simply exploring the land. You’re rewarded in the best way possible and considering the game is a couple of years old now, it’s one I still frequently revisit.

Metacritic Score: 92%

Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar doesn’t make bad games and that’s especially true when it comes to the Grand Theft Auto series. GTA 5 is no different and it improves in every way from the previous game in the series.

A massive open world (or city) roughly based on Los Angeles. Drug dealers, murderers and over all crazy people inhabit the dingy and realistic underworld in GTA. It’s a look into a life most of us will never know, in one way or another. Great characters and as always a great soundtrack, GTA 5 is once again a game for the ages.

GTA 5 introduced multiplayer in its latest release. Join friends and take part in heists, robbing banks and stealing various vehicles. GTA 5 online added so much to a game that already had a lot to offer. Game modes were plenty and after playing GTA with friends you never looked back.

Metacritic Score: 97%

Final Fantasy XV

The latest addition to the unique fantasy series Final Fantasy XV sees the player enter a huge open world filled with huge monsters and a range of activities. Drive a car, take some photographs, cook and so much more.

Final Fantasy XV has many changes from previous games in the series; most notably is the fighting system. Gone is the turned based fighting system, in favor of a more action-based real time-fighting system. It works, and it works well.

The characters and their interactions really make the game and help to immerse players in its story. Their quick quips and digs at each other really bring home the feeling of four friends against the world.

It’s a story about friendship and the underlying political subterfuge. As is the tradition in Final Fantasy games, this story takes you and your companions on a massive adventure, battling beasts and nature itself.

The graphics in the game are as always amazing. The food, in particular, looks incredible and I think I put on about 10 pounds during my play through. It looks that good, it actually makes you hungry.

Metacritic Score: 81%

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Much was said about the speculation surrounding the Hideo Kojima and Konami divorce when Metal Gear Solid V was delivered. Nonetheless, the game is another example of how genius Kojima is at story telling.

Snake returns in this huge open world adventure meeting characters both interesting and deadly. Expect overly long cutscenes and some crazy mechanics as you attempt to form your own base of operations under the name Diamond Dogs.

In Metal Gear 5 you’re able to capture almost anything, including people. You do this by essentially launching them into the sky on some type of parachute and returning them to your base of operations.

Base building is something new to the Metal Gear series, but it’s a fun and welcome addition, but it’s the story and its characters where Metal Gear 5 shines. The widely criticized half naked Quiet is just one of a long list of interesting companions and foes.

If this truly is the last Metal Gear Solid game, it’s such a shame, but we all know it wouldn’t be the same without Kojima.

Metacritic Score: 93%

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is a new IP and one that’s unique to any other on our list. Take elements of Assassins Creed, Metal Gear Solid and a pinch of Jurassic Park and you have Horizon Zero Dawn.

The player controls the character Aloy, a red haired woman who wouldn’t look out of place on an episode of Game of Thrones. The world of Horizon Zero Dawn is inhabited by huge mechanical dinosaur like robots. Using various Stone Age type weapons Aloy climbs shoots and stabs her way through the world.

Horizon Zero Dawn has plenty of side quests as well as the main story. Gather materials, solve mysteries and take control of bandit camps. There are also multiple dialogue options that add a level of role-playing to the game.

The game not only looks the part but its audio it’s up to standard too as some of the effects when you take down behemoth monsters. Horizon Zero Dawn first entry into the game world has been so well received and when playing it’s easy to see why. You can get lost in this world for hours as the story takes you on twists and turns.

Metacritic Score: 89%

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