Top 10 Action Games on PC

Despite the charms of sleek game devices like the Xbox and the PS4, PC gaming has not lost its glory. From affordability to flexibility, from a large variety of game genres to easy game accessibility; PC games are at best for robust, seasoned and experienced players who are nothing short of keyboard warriors. So if you’ve just got yourself a new gaming laptop and want to test the limits of PC gaming, here are some of the best action games we’ve collected. Note though that they don’t fall to any specific year or genre but rather is based on their popularity level. For newbies to PC gaming, this should be a great guide to the top 10 action games on PC.

1. Batman: Arkham City


  • Similar gameplay to Arkham Asylum

  • Plenty of action and thrills


  • Lack of innovation

  • Game play may seem repetitive

Batman never gets old. If you’ve loved the Arkham Asylum game, you’ll surely love Arkham City. There is the same thrill, Batman-style fights, Joker’s freakish persona and lots of pumped up action that will definitely give you a few good hours of entertainment.

2. Dead Island


  • Realistic environment

  • Hard-hitting combat


  • Occasional technical bugs

  • Multi-player combat has minor glitches

Want some good old zombie video games? Dead Island is the perfect game for those who love busting zombies. Be warned though, blood and gore are part and parcel of the game. A small child and her family being slaughtered by zombies is not a sight for the weak of heart. An open-world action-RPG, Dead Island is good old zombie-slaying while trying to survive in a brutal island.

3. For Honor


  • Unique game modes

  • Multiple characters and hero choices


  • Single-player is forgettable

  • Combat is not as smooth as expected

  • Gameplay is pretty repetitive

Medieval war, armored knights involved in brutal combat is always the kind of action that gets our adrenaline level pumping. Be it a movie or a game, we love medieval era hard-hitting stuff. For Honor is just the game you need after a series of Game of Thrones to help recover with the GOT side effects! The game is a third-person narrative and requires players to be a clever strategist in order to win battles and conquer lands. Although the game lacks an in-depth story line, it is good gaming on a slow weekend.

4. Killer is Dead: Nightmare Edition


  • Humorous and entertaining

  • Exciting action


  • Repetitive challenges

  • Aesthetically still lacking

A cyber assassin slaying vampires and monsters? Nothing gets better than this. Especially if the game was made by none other than Giochi Suda, one of the biggest names in the video game industry. Sleek in design, cool in appearance yet capable of extreme violence and bloodshed, you need to have an acquired taste for Giochi Suda’s games. Luckily, Killer is Dead is not just another mindless violent game – it has the dark humor, the character style and the action needed.

5. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance


  • Technically apt swordplay

  • Upgrades and unlock options available

  • Fun and exciting battles


  • Aesthetics may be unpleasant at some places

  • Character’s voice does not match persona

  • Minor technical glitches.

A metallic character with slapstick humor slashing his way through destructed cities and sewerages makes Metal Gear Rising a hack-and-slash action game. Raiden, the game’s metallic hero is a deadly cyborg ninja killer who travels through countries between Europe and America tracking down secret military operations and eliminating cyborg agents. The crazy storyline, weird character, and some awesome boss battle make the game a worthy investment of your time.

6. Rise of the Tomb Raider


  • Graphically intense world

  • A hero as never seen before

  • Development of character


  • Resource gathering may be difficult

  • Combat is repetitive

Couple this game with the movie and you’re in for a good time witnessing Lara Croft’s dexterous combat and strategy skills that she uses to stop a group of fanatics from pursuing immortality. Rise of the Tomb Raider has all the elements of the 2013 Tomb Raider game with even more advanced gameplay scenarios and supernatural oddities.

I’ve played this game and the sequel, amazing games! - Ed

7. Transformers: Devastation


  • Loud action with terrific battles

  • Action was addictive


  • Short game lasting only for five hours

  • Lack of pleasant environments

Transformers: Devastation is a bombastic game with the much-loved robots saving the world from Megatron, the ultimate dark Lord who has plans to screw up the planet for his personal gains. Climatic and dramatic yet holding up the integrity of its characters as beloved Transformers since the 80s, the game offers much to new and experienced gamers.

8. Mortal Kombat


  • Amazing graphics and character personalization

  • The best fighting mechanics so far in the MK series


  • New characters are not given due attention

  • Story line is a bit lackluster

If you are a 90s kid, you’d definitely enjoy the Mortal Komba XL, which is the updated version of MKX for PC gamers. In all honesty, Mortal Kombat is a league of its own and cannot be compared with any other action game out there. It has no guns, no battles, no bombs or explosions yet it is an immensely entertaining game. MK manages to involve players into supernatural worlds providing them with superhuman fighting abilities and great characterization. Overall, if you want to relive your child days, this is the game to play.

9. Street Fighter V


  • Great characterization of main characters

  • Smooth multi-player modes


  • Online play slows down with a slow connection

  • Keyboard controls may affect smooth game play

Looking for a great one-on-one fighting game? Nothing beats Street Fighter, the game that is all about ninja and ass-busting skills. You seriously need to have a friend over to play this game and be able to enjoy what it offers in its entirety. It is after all one of the most successful video games that still remains with us today.

10. Bayonetta


  • A classic that keeps its essence alive

  • Explosive action


  • Animation frame rate is locked to 60fps which affect quality in some instances

Bayonetta is a classic game that is now finally released on PC and maintains its glory as an original console game. The combat is smooth and controls are intuitive and offer a great experience playing a game as ninja trained assassins. If you haven’t yet played Bayonetta, keep it on your list of must-haves.

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