Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games for Kids 2017

The Nintendo Switch is proving to be the perfect gift gadget for kids these days. But it doesn’t stop at the gadget – you got to have the right games to experience the hidden wonders of this device. So if you’re looking for the top 10, mostly non-violent, family-friendly Nintendo Switch games of 2017, here’s our list.

1. Snipperclips – Cut it Out, Together

Genre: Puzzle, General

User Score: 8.2

Critics Score: 80

One of the top rated puzzle games of the year, Snipperclips is brilliantly executed and frustratingly addictive. The game strategy is simple; use a snipping machine to solve shape and physics-based puzzles. This is a four-player game, which means your kid and his/her friends are in for some real struggles. Snipperclips stands out because of its simple 2D style and its use of craft paper artwork. The characters have an interesting and humoristic personality which can bring a smile on anyone’s face while playing. If you want this game to be super entertaining, play it with your kid and watch the hours go by.

2. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Genre: Action, Platformer, 2D

User Score: 7.9

Critics Score: 91

Launched in 2017 for Nintendo Switch devices, Shovel Knight quickly rose to fame as one of the top games for the console. It’s a must-have collection for you and your child to play and have fun together as a family. The plot doesn’t offer much since it’s about a knight’s quest to collect treasures while busting bad guys, but the game play, aesthetics, and smooth mechanics give it a plus point. Different challenges and their levels of difficulty make this an addictive and interesting game for kids who want action, adventure and fantasy all rolled into one. Like the original Shovel Knight, the new update doesn’t disappoint and proves that a retro-platformer format can still be enjoyed in modern times if the mechanics are done right.


Genre: Racing

User Score: 7.8

Critics Score: 81

It’s never possible to enjoy a gaming unit without at least one awesome rally game. Whether it’s the Xbox or the Nintendo Switch, you need to have one good rally game in the collection. So if you and your child want to have a fun time racing against each other on an awesome racing track, pick the Fast RMX rally game. It has around 10 cups to unlock, 30 race courses and around 15 unlockable vehicles. It’s also a multi-player with a split-screen mode for up to 4 players. Although Fast RMX is an enjoyable game, it’s not groundbreaking or as exciting as the other professional rally games. For adults, this might not be the best game out there, but for kids who are stepping into rally games, it is the first good option. Not very challenging and yet not very easy, Fast RMX is one of those racing games to keep your child occupied on a boring ride to school or back home.

4. ACA NEOGEO: The King of Fighters’ 98

Genre: Action, Fighting, 2D

User Score: 8.0

Critics Score: 80

If you’ve played King of Fighters during your early childhood, chances are you’d want your kids to have some of the same fun too. It’s like reliving your childhood with your kids. In the fifth game of the installment was released for Nintendo Switch in March of 2017 to an equally happy audience and game critics. The game doesn’t differ from its predecessors and carries the same modes, the same characters albeit with a few surprises like the Roulette Team Edit and Advantage System. It’s one of those games that you can enjoy with friends or other gamers who possess the same skills to fight well in the matches against each other which means the game is best suited for teenagers and above. You might not want young kids to play this one because of its shooting and fighting scenes. The King of Fighters is a faithful arcade of its previous versions so if you want to introduce your kids to classics of yesteryear in modern devices, this is a great buy.

5. Puyo Puyo Tetris

Genre: Stacking

User Score: 8.0

Critics Score: 81

Puyo is an age-old classic. Tetris is also an age-old classic. So what do you get when you have a mashup of two age-old classics? A fantastic modern game that is cute, fun and exciting to play. I mean we have to admit, playing Tetris on its own in this day and age could be a pretty boring experience. Kids may not even have the same level of patience to place each brick in its right place. But with Puyo Puyo Tetris, things are fast. Different styles of game play, multiple-modes to play with friends, unique challenges all combine to give this game a rare perfection. So the next time your kid is at a boring dinner or party, make sure he has this game handy to spend time.

6. Snake Pass

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

User Score: 7.6

Critics Score: 72

A good ole game of snakes! Ah no, it’s not Snakes and Ladders. It’s actually a pretty fun and cute game for kids of all ages. Noodle the Snake is the hero who has to save the day with Doodle, a hummingbird who is his best friend. Their mission? To reunite the missing keystones that give Haven Tor its mythical power. Now that’s a pretty cool storyline for a kid to follow. No violence, no shooting, just a simple journey of a snake out there to save his town by doing exactly what a snake is meant to do; slithering, coiling through pipelines and rolling out of trouble. A must-have for kids under 12.


Genre: Fighting, 3D

User Score: 7.8

Critics Score: 77

ARMS is a super-colorful, super-cute fighting game that is not violent and is perfect for children aged 9 to 12 (and beyond). All they have to do is use extended ARMS to box opponents from around the world. The ARMS are the game’s main mechanics allowing the player to punch, avoid incoming attacks and deliver extra damage to troubling obstacles. Each arm has its own strength and abilities so the player has to choose wisely. It’s one of those rare fighting games that even newbie gamers can enjoy without being frustrated at game complexities or expert mechanics. A game of boxing never grows old.

8. Lego City Undercover

Genre: Action Adventure

User Score: 7.7

Critics Score: 78

Yet another great Lego game that anyone can enjoy. Lego City Undercover is a remake of the Wii U version for the Nintendo Switch. The plot follows an undercover cop Chase McCain who hunts for criminals using all the special abilities that are bestowed upon him. He is energetic, determined and smart. He’s a multitasker who can disguise as a robber, swing across poles as an athlete, chase vehicles and does his job as a law-enforcer. Unlike other games, the criminals don’t have super-powers here because Chase is the powerful police officer out there to get them all. This is a great game for kids but with its slightly different approach where Chase has to be the bad guy to catch the bad guy, you might want to play it with your kid before letting him play it by himself.

9. Blaster Master Zero

Genre: Action, 2d Platformer

User Score: 7.5

Critics Score: 78

Blaster Master Zero is a revamped, more enjoyable, more stable version of a flawed classic. It’s not a revolutionary game neither does it have a unique storyline, but it does have a fun retro style, enjoyable experiences and some good defenses using a tank and its various weapons. You may not have liked the classic much, but this revamped version definitely needs a try.

10. Super Bomberman

Genre: Arcade

User Score: 6.6

Critics Score: 62

This game has been around since the 1980s and if you were an avid gamer, you probably know what made it a super hit; battling villains with bombs on a limited grid. Fast forward to 2017 and you have the same game on the Nintendo Switch but with new 3D and photo-real graphics stylizations. Furthermore, you can enjoy epic battles with rival players from the world and enjoy a one on one game with them. The game has 50 stages so there’s plenty of gameplay for you and your kid to enjoy together.

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