Top 10 Online PC Games

Need some more games to tide you over for the rest of summer? How about some multiplayer games to try out with a few of your friends? This list comprises 10 of the top online multiplayer games for you to try. We have something for everyone on the list and have taken these games from a wide variety of genres. So, what are you waiting for keep reading to find a great game to add to your collection today.

Elder Scrolls Online

For lovers of the Elder Scroll series Elder Scrolls Online can be like a dream come true. This MMORPG is beloved by many fans and contains lots of expanded lore for the universe. You can visit some of your favorite spots from the TES games. The Dark Brotherhood and Thieves guilds are also available as DLC to give fans of the guilds an extra special experience. Don’t forget to check out the newest expansion that takes players back to Morrowind packed with all new quests and upgrades.

Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 is an interesting series based on the Final Fantasy universes that even has PC to PS4 cross platform play. The newest expansion just released raising the in-game level cap from 60 to 70 and finally introduce the Red Mage and Samurai classes to the game. Players can ride Chocobos or other famous mounts from the Final Fantasy series or enjoy the fun combat style. Square Enix also love putting events in the game and has collaborated with several different companies to bring special items into the world of 14.


Overwatch is a popular yet quirky online shooter that took the world by storm in 2016. Fans of the series are obsessed with the unique characters and have religiously kept up with the bits of backstory Blizzard releases for them. The gameplay is quick fun and divided between the competitive scene and casual scenes. this gives every type of player a place to get the most out of their unique playstyles. Each hero has a different set of moves given to them allowing players to find their favorite style. On top of all of this Blizzard regularly adds free updates consisting of new characters and maps to play on.


Ark is a survival game that you can tame dinosaurs in… that’s right you can have pet dinosaurs. Even better than that you can ride, fly, and swim with these beasts to help you move up the evolutionary chain. The game is rather difficult online and you will have to join a tribe to successfully survive in the PVP maps. Ark will keep you foraging and clamoring for schematics for hours. Can you tame the dinosaurs and rise to the top of the food chain?

7 Days to Die

This is another survival game on our list, but this one is set in the future where zombies have taken over. In this game, you have to fortify shelter while memorizing the enemy patterns of the game to survive. Be sure to watch your clock because every 7th night you will find yourself over run by a horde of zombies wanting to take you down. If that’s not enough remember, this is a survival game where you need to keep yourself fed and hydrated to survive. Don’t worry though the more you explore the more weapons and abilities you can unlock to make survival more possible!

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Minecraft is, of course, an old favorite by now that still keeps much of its charm. This game is all about building your own empire or whatever you feel like at the moment. With both survival and free modes Minecraft gives you the ability to play how you want with your friends. Minecraft is still receiving constant support as well as new updates throughout the year to keep the game fresh. So if you haven’t played in awhile don’t be shy to jump in to see all of the new content.

Heros of The Storm

Blizzards own hugely popular MOBA game has become a smash hit in the competitive world. This game uses a hero system where each hero has a different purpose in battles as well as strengths and weaknesses. The current roster of hero is 67 with them falling into 5 different classes. These classes will have to work together and be used to evenly balance out your team in order to improve your chances of victory.

Tom Clancy’s: The Division

The Division is a third person shooter that completely takes place online. In this game, you are a sleeper agent deployed in Manhattan to restore the peace. Ubisoft has stood behind the game putting in daily and weekly missions for players to take part in. The online aspect will have you either teaming up or hiding in the shadows to take down other players. The choice on how to play the game is yours, just be prepared for other players to react to your decisions. It’s up to the player what happens next in Manhattan.


This is a newer indie game that has grown quite popular on Steam as of lately. The concept is pretty neat though, you are a soldier in a war. Not impressed with that one, eh? How about you are a soldier in a constantly ongoing virtual war and you have to work with other soldiers to turn the tides of battle. Your job is to use strategy to help your team achieve victory and place bases in strategic spots. The hard part comes in the form of the game always being played by other players.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 is so popular that years after launch this game has kept its $60 price tag for new generation consoles. Grand Theft Auto online is one of the most played online modes of any game series to date. You can even purchase the in game currency with real money to help give you an edge over other players. This mode brings in online missions to do with friends as well as a feeling of randomness from the other players in the games. This on top of being an open world game brings you almost endless possibilities.

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