Top 10 PS4 Games For Kids in 2017

Thinking of getting a PS4 for your kids? We highly recommend you do so, but only if you can get your hands on the following top 10 PS4 games of 2017 exclusively for kids. Do note though that these games are best suited for kids between the age of 8 to 13. Older kids will prefer playing more rough games, but if you don’t want them to lose their mind chasing dark creatures and prefer the cooler stuff instead, this list will help you out.

1. Rayman Legends

Genre: 2D Action

User Score: 8.5

Critics Score: 90

A spooky medieval adventure with musical traps, spectacular environments, and a unique gameplay mode, makes this the top ranking game for kids year after year. It’s actually one of those games that feels like an enchantment and you enjoy it no matter what your age. It’s a legendary game that can even turn a grumpy 35-year-old into a smiling kid which means you and your kids can enjoy quality time enjoying a game that lightens up the mood. Having said that, the game is challenging so don’t be fooled by the amazing graphics!

2. Tearaway Unfolded

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

User Score: 8.1

Critics Score: 81

Tearaway Unfolded is a remake of the PlayStation Vita game Tearaway, which at its time was quite a popular game. The concept itself is enough to get this game on the second top spot of our list. A character in the paper-world charged with a mission to deliver a letter to a portal in the sky, and must fight Scraps, the paper world’s villainous characters. So it’s almost like a journey through a storybook equipped with mini-quests, collectibles, cute looking characters and plenty of gameplay mechanics as hurling objects, jumping, grabbing and rolling along. Although critics have their reservation about the narrative and the pace, we don’t think kids would be bothered with the nitty-gritty details that adults point out. Keep this as an option for rainy days indoor.

3. LEGO Dimensions

Genre: Building

User Score: 7.1

Critics Score: 80

There are 8 Lego games for kids. Lego Dimensions, Lego Batman, Lego Jurassic World, Legos’ Marvel Avengers, Legos Star Wars, Lego City Undercover, Lego Worlds, Lego The Force Awakens. Now choosing amongst this might list is not easy, however, your kid could be the best judge of what they love most. Do they love Star Wars more than Batman or maybe Jurassic World more than Avengers? With that said, kids usually don’t care about a superhero franchise so if you want them to have fun with a mash-up, let it be the Lego Dimensions. The game is a mix of popular hero figures who come together to fight evil Lord Vortech, who wants to get all the universes under his control. Fight him off with your kids!

4. Minecraft

Genre: Fantasy

User Score: 6.5

Critics Score: 89

This is a personal favorite for adults and youngsters alike. In fact, it’s the best bonding game between a father and son, not to mention is also helpful in building their cognitive sense too. Minecraft enables kids to solve problems and make use of creativity to store, organize and build their own areas and become gods and goddesses of their world. Through the game, you can get an insight into the thought and behavioral pattern of your child. This knowledge is priceless because it helps you understand your child way better than verbal or written communication.

5. Little Big Planet 3

Genre: 2D, Platformer

User Score: 7.2

Critic Score: 79

This is the cutest stuff we’ve come across. Like seriously! The creativity, the colorful characters, the mere scope of the game is endearing both to kids and adults. We won’t be surprised if you wished you were a kid again just to experience the game from their perspective. Little Big Planet is about an evil Collector who steals all the other Kids will get to build their own levels, characters, power tools and share them with other creators to stop the evil Collector from stealing other creator’s creations. Players make their own tools, gears, and gadgets, which they share with the world and eventually get trained in different abilities as they pass the levels.

6. Ratchet & Clank

Genre: 3D Action

User Score: 8.7

Critics Score: 85

The latest version of Ratchet & Clank will take your kid on a beautiful, mysterious tour of the universe as Racket and his robot Clank jet across the galaxy fighting aliens and obstacles. Keeping the classic story alive, this version of the game won multiple awards for its cool graphics, innovative mechanics, and inventive weapons. The environment is so aesthetically pleasing that you could almost feel like you are part of it. Beautifully detailed worlds with energetic characters and strong game play make this a must-have PS4 collection for your kid.

7. Knack

Genre: Action, General

User Score: 6.5

Critics Score: 54

A classic game that we are sure you grew up with is back with new mechanics and vibrant characters designed for the gaming needs of modern times. This is the game you would want for your 13-year old; it’s not violent, dark or grim. The plot is simple – Knack is a humanoid and he has to save humankind from Goblins as well as from a disloyal friend. While a number of critics are unsatisfied with the story-line, kids may not have much a problem with it especially if they get to be Knack and bust bad guys.

8. Hohokum

Genre: Adventure

User Score: 6.3

Critic Score: 75

Sometimes kids need games that can help them relax. You don’t always have to find exciting games for them. Hohokum is one of those artist games that can actually be therapeutic to a bad school day or a sick day home. It’s unique but it doesn’t have the generic, ‘save the world,’ concept, rather it’s about a multicolored serpent who glides through multiple cities without any specific objectives. It’s a rare game that can be endearing only to those who understand the relaxation of simply flowing through things instead of fighting or conquering evil. The makers of the game deliberately kept it with vague objectives and wanted players to feel relaxed with the art work, the music, and the scenery. The game is all about exploring and if your kids are curious and love exploring, this is the best game for them.

9. Trials Fusion

Genre: Driving, Racing

User Score: 7.2

Critics Score: 80

Owning a sports bike or a sports car is every boy’s childhood dream and while they can’t buy one, they find solace in rally race games. There is an adrenaline rush in racing through rough roads and picturesque landscapes. Trials Fusion will give your boys just the rush they are looking for. It’s addictive, plays well on a PS4 with no mechanical issues (as in the case of the PC version) and is an overall fun experience, especially if your kid has friends over. We guarantee you, the kids will bring the house down!

10. Skylanders Imaginators

Genre: 3D, Platformer

User Score: 5.3

Critics Score: 79

A 3D toys-to-life platformer game that allows players to create their own characters known as Imaginators. The basic storyline may again seem generic as the good guys need to team up to fight a bad guy (Kaos) who discovers the secret to creation. His ultimate goal is to create a new army called Doomlanders, and now the Imaginators must stop Kaos before he ends up conquering Skylander. So although the game does not have a unique story line, it has a unique element that can keep players hooked – the ability to create your own characters using deep character customization tools. Kids will love this.

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