Top 10 Xbox One Games For Kids in 2017

If you’ve grown up playing video games, you’d know the excitement of spending hours over the weekend playing Star Wars, Mario and the likes. Now that you are a parent, you may want your kids to feel the same thrill or you may want them to join you in playing some cool Xbox games. Don’t worry, it’s not all dark and violent with Xbox games. They have a collection of games designed just for kids, so whether your child loves sports, action or fantasy, they get it all. So if you want to have a great time playing Xbox games with your kid, here’s a must-have list.

1. Cities: Skyline

Genre: City Building, Strategy

User Score: 8.9

Critics Score: 85

Want to teach your child management and strategy development skills the fun way? Let them play Cities: Skylines, a non-violent fun game about constructing cities and managing your own cities. You get to create your own sewage systems, decide on facilities the city should have and do a lot more. This is a great game for parents to play with their kids at the same time teaching them important lessons about the world they live it and how they can value resources and facilities. If you’ve played SimCity, you should love this even more simply because it is more sophisticated and has everything that SimCity does not have. The only flaw is that it is an endless cultivation of your city and while it may be fun initially, you could gradually lose interest. Pretty much like how Farmville died after a while of insane addiction.

2. Unravel

Genre: 2D Platformer

User Score: 8.2

Critics Score: 75

If you want magic, beauty, fantasy and a compelling storyline all in one, then Unravel is your game. It has a storyline that will warm your heart and teach your kids about love, kindness and family bonds. Yarny is a character made of string and he is on a quest to mend broken ties between people and he does this by traveling through picturesque environments, solving puzzles on the way. This is a completely non-violent game focusing on an emotional journey of warmth and love; a rare feat in an otherwise cold, violent and dark industry of gaming.

3. Forza Horizon 3

Genre: Racing

User Score: 8.0

Critics Score: 91

The Forza Horizon is beyond being a mere video game. It’s a simulation that feels almost real. You’re in Australia and you get to explore the country in the world’s greatest sports cars. You are in charge of the Horizon Festival, an occasion that celebrates cars, music and the freedom of the open road. The game gives you complete power in customizing your cars, drivers, license plates right down to the car horn. 480 cars, dozens of events and a huge Australian terrain to explore – the game is a must-have in any collection.

4. Oceanhorn – Monster of Unchartered Seas

Genre: Action, Adventure

User Score: 7.9

Critics Score: 71

Oceanhorn is a story of a young boy who wakes up to find his father missing, leaving behind a mysterious necklace. He is determined to go search for his father, but he has to cross unchartered waters filled with dangers, monsters, and creatures that he must fight. On the way, he will get the tools, skills, and magic needed to fulfill his quest. Though the storyline isn’t very unique, it’s a fun game play for kids aged 10 and above. It’s one of those weekend games they can play without much of a fuss. Not to mention, the artwork and music make it a great game for kids who are beginning to delve into the gaming arena.

5. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Genre: Action, Shooter

User Score: 8.0

Critics Score: 80

If you’ve played the original Plants vs Zombies, you’d know this game is seriously addictive. The Xbox Plant Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is a multi-player game which means you and three members of your family can play this game together. You get to control the characters’ abilities, choose quests and play multiple player modes. As much as it’s fun though, it’s not entirely violence-free, however, you can always preview the game trailer to know if it’s what you want your kids to play. Overall the game is fun to play, the characters funny and the graphic work pretty impressive. A great game to play over the weekend.

6. Stardew Valley

Genre: Role-playing

User Score: 7.6

Critics Score: 88

What if you had to start a farm and restore a run-down valley to its former glory? Stardew Valley will not teach your kids survival but also how to seek opportunities and make the best of them within a limited budget. They will know the art of farming, creating a local community and standing up to bad guys in a strategic manner. Stardew Valley is a beautiful strategy game that can be enjoyed by parents and children alike.

7. RiME

Genre: Action, General

User Score: 6.5

Critics Score: 82

A boy lost on a mysterious island and must survive the island’s dangers and a terrible curse that afflicts it. RIME is an action game, but it is also sentimental at times with its beautiful graphics and touching storyline. It’s not about fun or saving the world or conquering evil creatures; rather it’s about exploration, survival and a journey from beginning to the end. This is more suitable for mature kids or preteens who can have an appreciation for unique storylines. Nevertheless, it is a great game to teach your kid the art of survival and making crucial decisions. Always a good life lesson to learn.

8. Just Dance 2017 Kinect

Genre: Dancing

User Score: 7.3

Critics Score: 73

Dance, music, fun, and gaming all together wrapped in this amazing piece. With 40 new tracks, six game modes and access to 200+ songs, this game will have your kid and his friends go into full party mode. To those who are new, the game is all about dancing – seriously! You must mimic the routine of an on-screen dancer to a chosen song. The more accurate you are, the better your scoring points. And this is an outright party game meant to be played by a crowd on your kid’s birthday.

9. Overcooked

Genre: Action

User Score: 6.1

Critics Score: 79

A multi-player game, this is great if you and your kids share a love for food (P.S read cooking). This is a family game where parents and kids can all come together to prepare and cook several varieties of tasty foods in as little time as they can. It’s a charming little game, simple and to the point which is why it’s all the more fun to play. You have the typical elements of a chaotic kitchen, annoying customers and short time limits to cook amazing meals.

10. Overwatch

Genre: Action, Shooter

User Score: 5.7

Critics Score: 91

If your kid is a teenager, chances are he may want more action oriented games other than what we listed above. Overwatch is a multi-player shooter game with a varied set of characters who are embroiled in global conflict. So at every stage, you have weapons and equipment that really lets you enjoy the game in all its glory. It’s fun, it’s rocking and all you do is shoot or defend your area with some tact and strategy. The game doesn’t have much of a storyline but is a good time pass for teenagers who are too young for hard-core violent games and too old for fairy tales and fantasies.

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