Top 10 Xbox One S Games of 2017

I personally think the S in Xbox One S stands for, ‘sexy,’ because it sure is one of the most beautiful gaming consoles I’ve come across. It’s sleek yet bold in appearance, it’s white and graceful and it’s pure splendor. Ok, enough with the songs of praise; I digress. Now, what good is a sexy Xbox if you don’t have the right games to bring out its 4k views and dynamic HDR. So here’s a list of the top 10 Xbox S games of 2017. For your convenience, I have excluded popular games such as Tekken 7, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil and Injustice 2 as they have been covered in my post on Top 10 PS4 games.

1. Prey

Genre: Shooter, First-person, Arcade

User Score: 7.7

Critics Score: 84

Ratings: 188

So Prey is famed to be the equal of Resident Evil 7; gruesome creatures, suspense, thriller and terrifying moments of the unforeseen. You’re in a hostile alien territory and they just captured Tolas, your space station. This is a survival game and you have to traverse the dark space station fighting off gruesome and brutal aliens. A sci-fi masterclass, Prey blends a gripping narrative with fear-inducing mechanics and an atmosphere that chills you to the bone. The most important part is the game gives you freedom by allowing you to explore different routes, without restricting your options.

2. Little Nightmares

Genre: Action Adventure, General

User Score: 7.9

Critic Score: 83

Ratings: 29

Ever wanted to confront your nightmares and fight off those vile creatures bravely? Little Nightmares is just the game you need. Fighting the creatures here may help you deal with your own nightmares in a better way. At least you won’t be afraid of them again! The game is dark and sinister but is not shocking or violent as most dark games tend to be. It seems to be perfect for newbie gamers or for those who would a preliminary step into the horror and survival genre of video games.

3. Shadow Warrior

Genre: Shooter, Arcade

User Score: 7.2

Critics Score: 79

Ratings: 9

Old school gameplay, fun, humor, lots of action and jumping around makes this a fun game. The story-line isn’t dramatic or compelling, but rather generic; the kind you see in action movies. A warrior who has to fight demonic forces dominating the world. Play the battle with your buddies as allies or go all in by yourself; either way, the game will not disappoint with its action, stunts and comic delivery. Not to mention, the characters look damn good!

4. Dirt 4

Genre: Racing, Simulation, Automobile

User Score: 7.0

Critics Score: 87

Ratings: 33

Feel the thrill of this all powerful, loaded automobile race game. Don’t underestimate this to be another normal game. It literally makes you feel as part of the race with its tough road challenges, its endless stages and its brilliant attention to detail. So if you’re looking for a game that has great mechanics and goes pretty deep with its endless stages. Most Critics, however, claim that the tracks are not unique and may be the products of procedural generation – that is all the tracks look the same no matter the scene, environment or weather. Some others claim that the game is good for simulation but is not exactly what hardcore gamers would play for fun. At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether you prefer another rally game or want something more thrilling.

5. Get Even

Genre: First-person, Arcade

User Score: 8.5

Critics Score: 75

Ratings: 24

If you’ve ever loved Inception, you might love this too. Get Even is the story of Cole Black who wakes up in an asylum with a technology fused to his head that enables him to read and replay human memory. The storyline is unique, the action amazing and the character is relatable. With the technology, Cole goes back to the depths of his mind and with each memory he gains, each step he takes is an attempt to deliver justice. There is a tense atmosphere throughout the game and has an equal mix of horror, thrill, adventure, sci-fi and human emotions. If you’re looking for an interactive game with a good story to go along, get even with Get Even.

6. The Sexy Brutale

Genre: Adventure, General

User Score: 7.5

Meta Score: 82

Ratings: 10

As the title suggests, this is more than just a game. It’s a drama of sorts with a casino staff that is out there to murder guests and a strange occult mood that can be felt in the game. The combination of the occult, the murders, the twisted staff members and the eerie casino mansion makes this an addictive game for someone who is into murder mysteries and subtle action. The graphics are unusual and the game scope is rare. It’s like an art piece that is neither extravagant nor mediocre; it’s pleasant and has a style of its own that cannot be matched with any other game out there. Highly recommended for someone who wants to play beyond the typical shoot or die games.

7. RiMe

Genre: Action, General

User Score: 6.5

Meta Score: 82

Ratings: 31

Want something light yet entertaining? Try out RiMe - the story of a boy who must escape a cursed island. You will try to escape an island of sinister happenings and try to solve ancient puzzles as you journey through the game. If you’re in for an artistic treat and some time away from the usual grim and gore of usual games, RiMe is a good break. The best thing about Rime is the emotional touch that is hard to come across these days. The game is both endearing and heartbreaking – prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride of emotions!

8. Enter the Gungeon

Genre: Action, General

User Score: 7.2

Meta Score: 84

Ratings: 05

Funfight (read that as Gun fight) in a dungeon filled with misfits all trying to get to the legendary Gungeon treasure – a gun that can kill the past. The mere synopsis sounds interesting. I mean if we could have a gun that could kill the past, wouldn’t we want to owe one of it? And since there is no such gun in our current existence, the idea is then simple – play Gungeon fight and gain complete mastery over it.

9. Unit 4

Genre: 2D, Platform

User Score: 7.2

Meta Score: 75

Ratings: 9

Bored on a weekend? Call your friends over and have a field time playing Unit 4. Become cute-looking heroes ready to save the universe with some pretty unique skills. The game is loved for its aesthetically pleasant 2D graphics, its original character switching mechanic and its overall simplicity. A fun, happening game for when you have the pals over.

10. Aaero

Genre: Action, Rail

User Score: 7.8

Meta Score: 80

Ratings: 6

Aaero is what it is meant to be – a true video game in all its sense. No elusive story lines, no emotional elements, no dramatics; plain gaming. Truth be told in the midst of heavy-duty games, Aaero feels like a breath of fresh air. You do have creatures and horrible (evil) bosses that are hard to defeat, but at the end of the day, you are also provided with ways to deal with the characters. Aareo is highly recommended for people who have just joined the club of hardcore gaming.

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