Top 5 Fighting Games for the PS4

Who doesn’t like to get down with a good fighting game from time to time? The only problem is which one do you want to pick up first? There are a bunch of new titles out in the fighting genre currently from anime-dedicated games to popular series like Mortal Kombat. We have compiled a list below of the top 5 fighting games to come out thus far for the PlayStation 4. So take a gander and decide for yourself which title is best for you.

1. Tekken 7

As of writing this, Tekken 7 is the newest fighting game on the block and is being well received by fans of the series. Tekken 7 has a lot to offer for fighting game enthusiasts, including several new modes and fighters. The story focuses on the end of the ongoing Heihachi family feud and reveals major plot points for the series. Not only that, but the combat is fluid and easy to get started on for newcomers. The game offers a slew of offline modes for you to practice in and even has a customization area for you to buy clothes to dress your favorite fighters with.

This game may just be the most expensive on this list currently but like all titles listed, it is well worth the purchase. The game also features unlockable movies from past games if you need to catch up on the story. The online community is booming with all levels of players and additional fighter DLC is on the way. Be sure to pick up Eliza as soon as you can to add a little vampiric charm to your fighting roster.

2. Dead or Alive 5

Dead or Alive is known for its mature adult content and lady ninjas. This fighter focuses on the story of the Dead or Alive tournament and the warring ninja clans. If you like Asian-themed art as well as Eastern fighting styles, this game will surely charm you. You also will be given the option to play as the main character from the Ninja Gaiden series, Ryu Hayabusa. While there isn’t much character building in this series, there are costumes galore on the PlayStation Store to dress your favorites up in. Even better, Team Ninja still releases costume packs regularly!

Dead or Alive 5 for the PlayStation 4 is an ultimate edition that contains extra content. This means more characters, costumes, and stages have been added in for the port up to new generation consoles. Additionally, this means that the servers for online play are still alive and well. If you are debating trying it out, you can download a free demo on the store that will let you play with different characters each week to get a feel of the game.

3. Injustice 2

This one is going to be a little bit more geared towards a certain audience. Injustice 2 is like its predecessor, a DC hero-based fighting game. This game stars 28 playable characters with an additional 10 DLC characters on the way. The gameplay is similar to that of a Mortal Kombat game with slightly more unrealistic moves. The story mode follows the end of the first Injustice as Batman and the rest of the heroes struggle to put society back together.

Injustice 2 launched earlier this year and is still a little costly for those looking to pick up a copy. Injustice, however, runs pretty cheap if you need to catch up on the storyline before jumping into the newest campaign. That being said, you will find many DC favorites in this game like Harley Quinn, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The super moves are entertaining and over the top enough to make us giddy with excitement. On top of all that, Starfire is coming out with fighter pack one in August!

4. Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator

This fighter may be one you’ve never heard of or you may be surprised to see it on our list. Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator is the sixteenth entry in the long-running franchise by the talented developers at Arc System Works. In keeping with the series’ high standard of quality, the character models, animations, and controls are superb and is featured heavily in the competitive fighting game community. Although the game may look like it uses 2D character models as past entries in the franchise has, they are actually fully-rendered 3D models designed to give the illusion of 2D and to highlight the anime-like design. Another highlight of the game is the soundtrack, the game is filled with intense metal music that is sure to intensify a match with a fierce opponent.

Guilty Gear’s matches take place on a 2D plane similar to many other fighting games but what sets Arc System Work’s fighter apart from the competition are the unique characters and their fighting styles that fill out the roster. The game may seem at first glance as a fighter that prioritizes style-over-substance but surprisingly, the game balances its tight controls with flashy combos perfectly. Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator has a lot to offer for those looking for either casual or hardcore fighting game experience.

5. Mortal Kombat XL

Mortal Kombat is one of the most violent fighting games on this list and has gotten good at portraying it. That being said, this game is probably better geared towards adults instead of kids and has a pretty good difficulty system. The story is solid and keeps up with the narrative from previous games while also pulling newer viewers into the madness. In following tradition from past Mortal Kombat entries, the brutality of the finishing moves has increased exponentially. Mortal Kombat XL also includes an interesting mode called “The Krypt” which is a unique exploration map that allows for unlocking a wide variety of collectibles.

Mortal Kombat XL comes packaged with all the additional DLC packs that were available for purchase. That means that unlike the other titles you won’t be waiting to get all the content. The DLC also includes characters from famous horror franchises such as Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th film franchise.

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