Top 5 Online PC Action Games

Having action in a game is certainly a must for all genres out there. We want fast paced games that make our hearts race or give us a feeling of high-intensity situations. The following games on our list all incorporate very specific yet different types of gameplay sure to give you a rush. From high-speed shooting matches to huge online multiplayer communities we have a little something for everybody below. Keep reading to find your perfect summer match in our online action game list.


Doom literally takes you into the pits of hell to fight the hoards of demons living there. This game series hails itself as being hyper violent and full of all the blood and gore you can imagine. This game is known for being fast paced and unforgiving. If you decide to play on the higher difficulties it can keep you busy for days due to the sheer increase in Ai craftiness. The best part about this game is you don’t even have to reload your guns, yep that’s right infinite ammo. Don’t like guns don’t worry they have melee weapons in the game as well and you’re encouraged to use them.

Hyper Violence mixed was multiplayer is a fantastic idea. The combat in the online multiplayer mode is as fast paced if not more as the campaign of the game. The players can grab hold of upgrades to give them an edge and learn the area of the 9 included maps to have the home field advantage. This, of course, has been changed and additional maps can be purchased in the form of DLC.

Rocket League

Rocket League is a weird hybrid game combining racing with soccer for a high energy challenge. In this game you control a rocket powered car with one mission, to get the ball into the other team’s goal. While there isn’t too much of a campaign the aspects of this game are fun and fresh. It has kept its popularity since launch and even weaseled its way into the competitive gaming scene.

One of the coolest things about Rocket League is that it allows for cross-platform gaming with console players. This means that you have shorter match times and there always will be players online ready to go. The game also features car customizations as well as unlockables to push you further into the game. Beware though Rocket League has a physics based engine that it uses in-game to up the challenge of successfully scoring a goal. You will have to learn how to properly control and react to your car’s environment to succeed.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a free to play ARPG available to download through Steam. The game is set in a very desolate land called Wraeclast. Wraeclast is essentially a penal colony for prisoners the main land has no interest in dealing with. The whole game has a very dark overtone to it and is very mature in its tone for a free to play MMO. Most of the environment while very well designed feels desolate and devoid of any life. In fact, most of the landscape appears to either be dead or feed off of the living. This is actually shown during the opening scene where you wash up on shore and witness the only other survivor soon be devoured by a dripping dead.

Path of Exile plays a lot like the Diablo series. The whole game is played from a top down view and uses point and click mechanics to attack. The game features huge skill trees with multiple paths as well as gems that can be earned from doing quests to unlock new abilities. There are also several different leagues you can pick from that will alter the difficulty of the game. To begin simply pick one of the 6 different classes each with their own dark backstory for you to indulge in.

Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 is an action game to the core that will have you fighting to reclaim your homeland. You play as a mercenary named Rico Rodriguez who is helping his hometown of Medici fight back against tyranny. The game takes place in a rather large open world with a somewhat destructible environment. This game will even give you choice throughout it to cause a little bit of chaos. That being said fan favorite items like the grappling hook return with enhanced abilities that will delight players. An interesting point about this game is the fact that Ai will match your fire power so if, for instance, you have a rocket launcher they will acquire items powerful enough to fight back against it.

The cool thing about the online mode of Just Cause is that it’s brand new and is a downloadable mod. With this mod 100’s of player can cohabitate a single server to work together or cause a little havoc. This means the world is up for you and other players to explore. Of course, there are some activities you can do to officially compete in such as racing. Don’t forget to be vigilant while playing to keep from being attacked.


Maplestory takes us back to a more all ages friendly game that has been around for years. The world of Maplestory is vast and colorful giving it a very fresh look. Unlike other games, it does not use any 3D graphics instead it uses 2D anime style art to create its world. The game is easily accessible for gamers of all ages with the difficulty scaling gradually as you level up. There are plenty of entertaining characters as well as fleshed out quest lines for you to indulge in.

Maplestory currently features 32 character classes you can play as. Some of them are sub branches from other classes, but they are all unique enough for you to be able to play how you want. The ability system is vast and skills are easy to map to your preferred keys making combat a breeze. Cosmetically you can really get into customizing your character with hundreds of available options. Nexon the parent company regular secures contracts with different popular anime series to bring in special events and gear for you to collect!

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