Top 5 PS4 VR Games

Got yourself a cool Sony PlayStation VR? Good choice. If you haven’t already and are contemplating to, this is the best time to buy it. Among the three headsets currently available the PS4 VR headset is the best, the cheapest and one that gamers want to get their hands on. In fact, most gamers consider it to be a better value deal than the Oculus and the Vive. Now are they right in their observations? Is the PS4 VR really a must-have gadget? You wouldn’t know that if you didn’t play the top 5 PS4 VR games. Get ready. Here’s our lineup of 2017.

1. Batman Vs Arkham VR

This is no longer just a video game. You are Batman. You are the young child who watches his parents get killed in the alleyway. You are the man playing the piano. You are the man who is out there to fight evil and deliver justice. You get to feel, to be, to play the role of Batman in the best way you can. The game is less about kick-ass action, but more about detective skills with Batman trying to find the culprit who killed Nightwing. While playing the game, you would be pulled into its narrative; rarely does a VR game focus on narrative, giving space to more action and thrills than a story. However, Batman Vs Arkham does it differently. You become the story and that perhaps is the coolest thing about using VR. That being said, the game is not without its flaws with occasional technical glitches and hiccups. But you could spare these minor bugs for the sake of a strong narrative, increased challenges and 90 minutes of pure entertainment.

Want to play it? Buy it here.

2. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Be warned: Resident Evil VR is not for the weak of heart. The game on its own was enough to scare the hell out of people; with VR it gets all the more dangerous since you may end up jumping around the room trying to save yourself from the unseen and the unknown. Ok, enough fear-mongering but truth be told it’s one of the most immersive VR games where you move through the creepy Baker household getting the chills from the tiniest of details; crawling insects, bats, rats, dried blood and dark beasts popping suddenly out of nowhere. The game is also one of the most extensive VR games going for 18-hours straight. So if you have the stomach to go through 18 hours of sheer, freaking torture, this is your best horror journey in virtual reality.

3. Rez Infinite

Nothing beats playing a great classic game on VR technology. If you’ve grown up playing Sega games, Rez Infinite is not unfamiliar territory, however, on VR, the experience could be totally different than what you initially used to. This revised version is pumped up with great visuals, smooth gameplay, excellent story line and an immersive VR experience. For newbies, the game is simple to play; look at up to eight targets while holding X, then release to shoot them. But as simple as this sounds, the game is a pain in the head, literally. If you don’t have a thing for fast-paced games, this could be a sensory overload. Don’t say we didn’t warn you of a bad headache.

4. Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission

Ain’t no gaming experience complete without the legendary Star Wars making its mark. In this VR version of the game, you’re in the cockpit and you ride the ship and you are the commander. So with the VR game, you no longer feel like you’re in your room playing a game on the screen, rather it’s like you’re in an actual cockpit trying to drive the ship with the headset while your fingers tap the buttons on the PS4. The only bummer to this whole exciting deal is that it gets over in just 15-minutes. If this short amount of time is not a bother, grab the game and experience being the commander of a Star Wars ship! P.S It’s for FREE.

5. Farpoint

Finally, a shooting game on VR. So if you love rugged alien terrains, beastly spiders, and an overall yellow mood, Far Point is your game. You can dodge and duck incoming fire, shoot with dexterity and finally feel powerful in a 6-hour gaming episode. That being said, the game has no story line and is just plain 6-hours of shooting animals, aliens and whatever comes your way. If you’re in the mood to play a shooting game with no storyline, it is the cheapest option available.

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