Top 5 Thrilling Xbox One Racing Games of 2017

A true Xbox One gamer would know that without the year’s best racing games, their collection is incomplete and probably boring too. After all, nothing beats the thrill and action of a racing game and for newbies to Xbox gaming, it’s one of the genres that gets your adrenaline pumping. So if you’re looking for the top racing games of 2017, here is a list of the must-haves for your collection of the year.

1. Forza Horizon 3


  • Amazing environments and race tracks

  • Hundreds of car varieties

  • Postcard perfect locations

  • Excellent racing simulation


  • Occasional performance hiccups

  • Needs an online connection

The finest racing game of today is undoubtedly the Forza Horizon, an open-world game developed by some of the most talented game veterans. This almost feels like a grand epic with its fantastic car models, its racing terrains and its fantastic gameplay. Your ultimate goal in the game? To be the winning champion of the Horizon Festival, an event that celebrates cars, music and the thrill of open-world racing right in the heart of Colorado countryside. As you traverse through the country, you’ll be taken through various environments and famous landmarks of the Colorado countryside. Unlike other race games where you don’t get that many different race tracks, the tracks in the Forza Horizon are pretty varied, ranging from narrow dirt tracks to lengthy freeway. And the cars? They are beyond beautiful. They are majestic and powerful. Overall, the game is like no other and it is a must have for this year’s game collection.

2. Project Cars


  • Stunning and immersive graphics

  • World-famous race tracks

  • Multiple options for driving


  • Minor performance glitches

  • Lack of proper mode capabilities

  • Unpredictable Difficulty

Project Cars is quite similar to the Horizon in terms of grandness and majestic game play. However, it isn’t a game meant for newbies with its serious racing simulation designed specifically for people with a talent for motorsport. You don’t have blasting music, sleek action or pompous environments, rather you have a professional game that demands attention and seriousness. Tough and ambitious, Project Cars still makes a good game for someone who wants to earn the first time thrill of a racing game especially since it offers multiple options such as stability control, braking assistance, steering wheel controls and a lot more. The tracks and the environment are as dynamic and as fabulous as they come with some of the world’s greatest tracks such as Le Mans, Dubai, Cadwell Park etc used for the game. It should be noted though that the game still has a long way to go especially because of its performance issues that are yet to be resolved. If these problems are taken care of, Project Cars might rise up to be one of the best racing car games.

3. Dirt 4


  • Two distinct game mode

  • Has gameplay modes that pair with simulation and novice players

  • Engaging gameplay


  • Lack of VR support

  • Aesthetics are not as stunning

If you’ve ever played the Dirt Rally series, you’d know of the complexity and uncompromising difficulty the game demands from its players. Designed for enthusiastic motorsport gamers, Dirt Rally reigned supreme with its authenticity and professional gameplay. 2017 sees a sequel to Dirt Rally with Dirt 4, a game that is designed both for veterans and newbies. This means that as you begin the game, you get to choose between two modes – Gamer and Simulation with the former being softer and easier for new gamers to find their way to professional racing. Dirt 4 is packed with challenges and plenty of content to keep you busy for months. It’s one game that is not going to make you bored or make you feel like you’ve had enough. A definite worthwhile investment.

4. Riptide GP: Renegade


  • Fun, arcade style water racing

  • Online multiplayer and split-screen


  • Lack of pleasant design

  • Soundtrack is not appealing

  • Multiplayer mode has no goals

This is not your regular racing game. It’s a world of hydro jet racing, armored riders and death-defying stunts over dangerous terrains and backdrops. It’s fast-paced, it’s brutal and it’s designed for people who want more than racing car simulations. It’s good, old-fashioned arcade fun, but delivered exceptionally well. There is a new depth to the story and although it doesn’t take itself too seriously, it’s not a game to be underestimated. If you’re looking for a solid racer to pass a couple of boring hours, Renegade is a perfect choice. If you’re looking for something more substantial, you need to check the above games.

5. Need for Speed Payback


  • Great mechanics

  • Engaging storyline


  • Gameplay glitches

  • Soundtrack and dialogues not impressive

Want racing with a strong story of cartel lords, revenge, casinos, and cops? Need for Speed Payback is the game you need. (P.S, check back on the movies to give you complete nostalgia). Set in Fortune Valley, players take on a variety of challengers and events to earn the command and respect of the underground lords. With Need for Speed, you don’t only get a complete action-packed game but also plenty of customization options to craft a unique ride of your own. Push your cars to the limit, get the best options available and enjoy a great time with friends in the multiplayer mode. You either win it or lose it all is the motto of the game.

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