Top PC Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are often overshadowed by more popular genres but they have also been known to be the most addictive. Be it a mobile puzzle game as Sugar Crush or a PC puzzle game as Bejeweled, the one feature that keeps everyone glued to their screens for hours is the addictive nature of the game. You keep climbing levels, you keep getting rewards and you keep getting challenged even though there is no change in gameplay mechanics. Puzzle games on its own are pretty diverse in nature. You’ll have arcades, block-buildings, purist puzzle quests, simply mind-twisting quizzes etc are some of the common puzzle games that can literally get you addicted for hours. So if you’re bored at work and need a short break, play one of these cool puzzle games, listed in order of user scores. P.S – watch out for the boss!!

1. World of Goo

Use Score: 8.5

For folks who love building stuff, World of Goo is just the perfect game. Using the principles of physics and construction, the game requires players to use living, talking globs of goo to build structures, buildings, and cities. What’s the most interesting part? The goos have no idea that they are in a game and that you’re using them to build stuff. As simple as this sound, the game isn’t just about using goos to build stuff because as you progress through the levels, you’ll realize that the various goo species have unique abilities. There is love, beauty, discovery, mystery, and danger all compiled into one amazing game.

2. Puzzle Pirates

User Score: 8.5

Pirates always make for an exciting game. Puzzle Pirates is a great, fun and exciting game for all ages. Sail through the oceans and search for treasures while solving challenging puzzles. Good puzzle solving skills will bring you victories and great fortunes. The game is a massive multiplayer that is only fun if you play it with a couple of friends. The puzzle variety is large enough to keep you entertained and gives your character plenty of room to explore around and do your best. The entire game is well put together and both novices, as well as experienced gamers, can get comfortable (or hooked, whichever term suits you). So, get on your pirate mode and grab onto those treasures!

3. Puzzle Quest: Challenges of the Warlords

User Score: 8.3

Puzzle games aren’t always about arcade modes or building blocks. Some serious puzzle games have all the necessary elements that make a great game: story-line, role-playing, and strategy incorporated into one great game that challenges the mental skills of a game. Puzzle Quest is one such game set in the Warlords universe and requires players to create, develop and customize the ultimate hero in order to save the land of Etheria from evil Lord Bane. There are multiple player modes to choose from so whether it’s single player against AI or multiplayer against live opponents, you get a great game to play on a boring day.

4. The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom

User Score: 8.3

Time manipulation, slapstick British humor, cheerful music and breath-taking environments make this puzzle game a must have in your collection. The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom is all about paradoxes to solve in 75 levels order to reach the elusive Chronoberry Pie. Yep, it’s all for the love of pie. Mr. Winterbottom’s space-time defying journey through the levels is only so that he can reach the pie which always seems to be out of his grasp. P.S – Keep a pie ready!

5. Peggle Deluxe

User Score: 8.1

A good old bouncing game with Peggle Deluxe. Suited for everyone, it’s one of those games you play when you’re truly bored, lazy and have nothing better to do. Clear the orange pegs in 55 colorful levels as you get huge bonus points and magical powers. The end goal? Become a renowned Peggle Master and get addicted! Even though it may seem simple, it isn’t necessarily so and offers some serious challenges even for a hardcore gamer. Like they say, never judge a game by its cuteness. You gotta play it to know it.

6. Bejeweled

User Score: 8.1

And here you go. One of the most classic and addictive types of puzzle game. The famed Bejeweled where you escape into a sparkling world of jewels and gems. The game play? Match thousands of rows of similar gems and get bonuses, scores, achievements, badges and what not. Be warned. Be very warned. This game will make you forget time and space until the cramps in your body will make it insufferable to sit and play any longer. It’s the world’s most addictive games. And don’t even think of playing this at work.

7. Toki Tori

User Score: 7.8

All you have to do is pick up eggs. Should be easy peasy right? Nope. The Toki Tori is a unique puzzle, platformer mix game that requires you to move through some pretty challenging atmosphere to pick up eggs and win bonus points. Tools as the telewarp, Freeze-o-Matic and Instant Rock will help you move through the grueling 80+ levels of the game. Like we said earlier, do not underestimate a puzzle game. It really riles you up. People with a temper should avoid playing these patience-testing puzzle games.

8. Osmos

User Score: 7.6

A serene physics-based game that looks like cells in a body competing against each other, the Osmos game is one of its kind. It’s an ambient experience, a slow puzzle game that doesn’t excite you, rather calms you down. It’s one of those rare games that allows your mind to wander and play at the same time. So if you’re facing one of those creative block days, this is just the right game to indulge in.

9. Edge

User Score: 7.5

An award-winning game, Edge is clean, fuss-free and is meant for those with super dexterous fingers to control a cube and roll its way around the game crossing challenging levels. Your goal? Search for all the prisms in the shortest time possible and master your skills in over 100 levels. This game could be a source of frustration for people who are not able to control a seemingly difficult cube but once you get the hang of it, you can enjoy a good time de-cluttering your mind.

10. Cogs

User Score: 7.5

Tiles are sliding by and you need to build machines using them. There are around 50 levels and 3 gameplay modes to enjoy. Don’t take the game easy even if it starts easy. As you progress through the levels it challenges you with more complex machines that need to be built. From gears to pipes, balloons to chimes, it gets tougher and tougher as you go along with only ten moves too quickly build a machine.

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