Top PS4 4-Player Co-op Games in 2017

Looking for some PS4 4 player or local multiplayer games to try out with your friends this weekend? We’ve got you covered. Here are some that you should check out:

Diablo III

This Blizzard title allows 1 to 4 players and is one crazy brawl. The majority of the game is focused around customizing your toon with awesome gear. There are also like 30 skills per class and 5 different runes for each one of those 30 that modify how that skill acts. So, as you’re crazy killing crap all over, you’re also trying to work out how what skill and rune combos work best for your play style. There are a couple of different game difficulties and a sweet endgame content.

Borderlands (Any of Them)

If you haven’t played any of the Borderlands games yet, then you’re just missing out. The insane action and characters coupled with a huge open world game play means you can play until your thumbs fall off and never get bored. This title supports 1 to 4 players and you will have more fun if you aren’t just solo, trust me. Borderlands (any of the installments) is one of my favorite series to play on any platform. There’s a ton of loot, weapons, bosses – and it’s pretty damn funny to boot. Part RPG, Part shooter, 100% meme aproved.


For those that love a good 2D survival sandbox, here you go. This one is another of my favorites as it’s really just an open world, go crazy, build what you want the type of game that allows 1 to 4 players to a world as well. You can play online too, but I personally love the multiplayer with someone right there next to you. The bosses are pretty tough as you get down into some of the dungeons and the gameplay itself is great.

Resident Evil 5

Yes, this one released in 2009, but with the re-release for the PS4, it actually had a better rating in my mind for a 1 to 4 player game that you can play all weekend with your buddies. Why? Well, this particular RE was created just for the multiplayer aspect. We all know and love the Resident Evil games and story line, but the zombies in this installment are pretty gnarly. You won’t be disappointed with this Resident Evil game.

Towerfall Ascension

Want a multiplayer game where you can just try to waste each other? Here you go. In Towerfall Ascension, you’ll all play as archers trying to take out the others. Not too much story line here, but man, the arcade battles that you’ll find will make for some fun and enraging, game play with your friends. It’s fast, it’s crazy and you’ll all be shouting at the tv and each other.

Rock Band 4

If you haven’t played any of the Rock Band installments, then this might be the one that wins you over. With bands like Paramore, Rush, Imagine Dragons and The Killers, there’s so much great music here that you’ll find something that fits your rocker style. Sure, you can play it solo, but it’s meant to be played co-op, meaning that you just won’t love it as much without your friends.

Trying not to melt away in the heat of Oklahoma, MD Weems has been a writer and artist for over 20 years. Her written works over all types of gaming have been used in college level game design textbooks as well as in US Patents over virtual character design. She has worked with gaming companies all over the world and is even cool enough to have her own Korean cartoon character.