Top PS4 Hunting Games

The last few years have seen a rise in hunting games designed for the PS4 and the Xbox One, however, most of them have been lost in oblivion with popular games like Resident Evil or Forza Horizon stealing the limelight. Hunting games feel pretty old-fashioned now especially since gamers are moving towards games that offer an engaging storyline and an experience that goes beyond shooting or hunting. Although we see a couple of good hunting game, none have quite stood out in the last three to four years. So here’s our list of some of the best hunting games (and we are using the term loosely) from the past four years with the latest taking up the top spot.

1. Hunting Simulator


  • Great landscapes and environments

  • Realistic hunting experience


  • Plenty of technical glitches

  • Gameplay lacks in-depth story

Travel through the world’s most lush as well as dangerous woodlands with Hunting Simulator. From Canada to America, France to Scotland, you have a plethora of landscapes, wild areas, and environments to explore, hunt and live the life of a hunter. Each of these terrains will have their range and variety of animal species, each with realistic behaviors. Hunting Stimulation is one of those rare hunting games that gives a realistic touch to the hunting experience, making you feel like you are actually in a dense forest of America tackling bears and hunting deer at the same time.

2. Horizon Zero Dawn


  • Unique storyline

  • Grand aesthetics

  • Smooth gameplay


  • Dialogue syncing issues

  • Waypointing is a bit problematic

Developed by Guerilla Games, Horizon Zero Dawn unlike usual hunting games that are focused on male-centric characters has its story revolving around a young girl Aloy who lives in a perilous world controlled by robots. Aloy is a skilled archer and hunter and is out on a mission to explore her world and face its challenges. As she progresses, she gains more power and abilities to hunt the creatures that plague her world. Horizon Zero Dawn received critical acclaim for its excellent story-line, aesthetic creation, and sleek combat styles. If you’re looking for a hunting game that has depth and meaning, yet retains action and suspense, Horizon Zero Dawn is the best you can get this year.

3. The Witcher Wildhunt


  • Great character design

  • Excellent storyline

  • Detailed rich world


  • Occasional performance glitches

  • Repetitive gameplay at times

Medieval gods and goddesses come alive in this fantastic, fast-paced, breath-taking hunting game. The world is being threatened by ghastly spectral riders who have only one objective in mind; to plague mankind with misery and to seek out that one individual who will be redeeming the empire from the evil clutches of the Wild Hunt. If you’re looking for good old fashion medieval this is the best game to play and enjoy over 100 hours of unadulterated entertainment and of course wild hunts in the dark world of supernatural creatures.

4. Bloodborne


  • Strong and hard-hitting visuals

  • Weapon upgrading system

  • Healing system


  • Limited weapons

  • Fights may seem repetitive

Very few of us are able to stomach blood and gore, but if you’re having one of those days where you want to play a really dark, bloody and gory game, then Bloodborne is what you’d love the most. In an action role-playing video game, the game is set in a gothic Victorian era, Hunter, the main character seeks out Paleblood a mysterious creature, while actively hunting now terrifying beasts and creatures that plague humanity with disease and despair. Bloodborne received critical acclaims for its atmospheric environments, plot and unique gameplay design. Overall, a great game for boring days.

5. Far Cry Primal


  • Stone age aesthetics well made

  • A journey from basic to leadership


  • Some uninteresting side quests

  • Characters lack development

A true hunting game stays true to its origins. At least that’s what Far Cry Primal (predecessor to Far Cry series) attempts to achieve with its game set in the Stone Age. The game revolves around Takkar, an unarmed hunter who gradually rises to become the leader of the tribe. You get to experience the life of an actual hunter who is able to tame animals, practice hunting skills and eventually become an invincible leader of a tribe. Pretty much a game that takes you back to life in the stone age.

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