What PS4 Hitman Games are Available Now?

No matter what console system you love, chances are that as you’ve browsed different games, you’ve seen one or more of the Hitman series. You may have even played one or two of them, seen the movie, checked out the mobile game… ok, so you know all about the franchise. Well, even if you don’t, you at least know the name. However, did you know that there are a ton of these games out for the PS4 that you can pick up?

There are actually eight (8) different Hitman games that have been released for consoles from 2000 to Summer 2017. Several of these have been moved up to the PS4 and we’re hoping the rest follow suit. (Get it? Suit? Ha ha.) Ok, bad joke aside, there have only been a couple of the Hitman games that have been released for the PS4:

Hitman Go

Meta Critic Score: 77

This Hitman game is a turn based puzzle game that released in April of 2014 from Square Enix Montreal. It also was released for the PC, PS4, Vita, and iOS. While not the crazed action Hitman game that you might have loved on the PS3 or Xbox 360, it’s still a challenging game that can get your brain working overtime.

Want to play it? Buy it here.


Meta Critic Score: 84

The 2016 version that released for the PS4 was developed in several different episodes, each with their own name and missions. It’s a third-person stealth game where you play as Agent 47, a cloned assassin, who gets to travel the world and kill people. This particular game is set in different times periods as well, with the prologue to the game acting as the prequel to Hitman: Codename 47, yet the main game takes place way after Hitman: Absolution.

We are hoping that they will pull more of the older Hitman games up to the PS4 platform as it grows since the games themselves are all great. Just the action of killing jerks all over the world is awesome enough without all of the super spy saga that goes with it – but hey, we’ll take it no matter how it comes.

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