Xbox One S VS the Nintendo Switch

Picking a new console is always a tough gamble. Not only are these pieces of hardware hundreds of dollars, but they each have their own exclusives that you can’t play anywhere else. Most people aren’t too keen on the idea of picking up multiple consoles especially with the high dollar sign attached to the purchase. To add to this difficulty, Nintendo launched a new console named the Switch earlier this year. This article is going to take a look at both the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One S to help you narrow your search for entertainment.

Nintendo Switch

The Switch is of course made by Nintendo and comes with all the premium titles they have to offer like the Mario and Zelda franchises. This console is marketed as both a handheld and home entertainment system. This is because the Switch comes with a detachable dock that will let you take it pretty much anywhere you want. This console’s hardware is less powerful than its competitors though, meaning that it can’t handle some of the newer games on the market. The battery life for the Switch is also slightly short with some games only being playable for a little over two hours. This can, of course, be adjusted depending on your settings such as brightness.

The Switch picks up some points when it comes to the Joy-Con controllers. The system comes packaged with two Joy-Cons, making multiplayer possible as soon as the console is set up. This is the only base system that initially comes with two controllers. While this is genius, the fact that you basically morph the two pieces together to play bigger titles like Breath of The Wild is even more brilliant. This system may lack in power but its versatile design sets it up to more than hold its own in the console marketplace. The Switch doesn’t use discs either, meaning it lacks backward compatibility and cannot read any disc-based media. That being said, the Switch cartridges, as well as the cases, are compact, making them extremely easy to store.

Xbox One S

The Xbox One is a console designed by Microsoft, the same people behind the Windows operating systems in a large majority of computers. That being said, the things that stick out most about Xbox are their titles such as Halo and Gears of War which are some of the strongest first-person and third-person shooter franchises in existence. If you’re looking for a great online community, Xbox Live is a very reliable network with millions of players logged in around the clock. This console’s hardware is more powerful than the Switch by a large margin, meaning games will look better on it and third-party publishers are more likely to release their newest titles on a system with better hardware.

The One S is slimmer than the original model of the Xbox One and has a much sleeker design. The upgraded system is also more powerful and is HDR-compatible, meaning certain displays can allow your games to have a wider color range creating a sharper image in the process. With that being said, the system also has the ability to play movies, which the Switch is lacking as stated above. There is also is a lot more support for apps such as Netflix on the Xbox One.

What are you looking for?

No matter how cool the technical specs or DVD player may be, the console choice will always boil down to what you personally may be looking for. These are the questions you should ask yourself to help determine what exactly you want out of your new console.

First off, do you want an entertainment center or a console primarily for gaming? If you want an all-around entertainment system to occasionally play games on then go with the Xbox One. The Switch doesn’t currently support much outside of games, meaning no video streaming apps such as Youtube or Netflix. The Switch also can’t play any type of disc, meaning you aren’t going to get much use out of your CDs, DVDs, or Blu-Rays.

Next, online features will come into play. While both systems feature online play as well as a way to chat with friends, the Switch is a little different than other consoles. With the Xbox One, you can simply boot up the system and invite your friends to a party. The Switch, however, relies on an app on your phone and friend codes. Where you can simply claim a gamertag on Xbox, Nintendo uses a code that is unique to your account to look up users.

Finally, you need to think about who will primarily play the system. If you’re looking for something more child-friendly, Nintendo will always have a bigger selection of kid-friendly games. The reverse is true for the Xbox, where teens and adults can find more mature content available. While there are some kid friendly games such as the Lego series on the Xbox One, you may find yourself quickly running out of titles you deem appropriate. This is why even though the Switch has fewer games, it may still have more for your kids.

Games, Games, Games!

Finally, we come to the most important part - the games. The two consoles may share some titles here and there, but let’s be honest, those exclusives are pretty sweet. The flagship series for the Xbox are of course the racing series Forza, Gears of War, and the first person space-themed shooter Halo. Microsoft also lays claim to a lot of early access games you generally see on PC such as Slime Rancher or Subnautica. This means that you can even buy games that are still in development through the Xbox store just like on Steam. Microsoft is also known for being innovative when it comes to new IPs and have published Sunset Overdrive, a colorful rail shooter, and ReCore, a desert-themed action platformer. It’s also worth noting that Microsoft has added backward compatibility for selected games to their console.

Nintendo on the opposite side has some of the most classic franchises in gaming. With rights to the Pokemon series, the Mario franchise, as well as the Legends of Zelda, Nintendo makes some of the best games on the market. Nintendo comes in when you want couch co-op, which has been left behind by the rest of the industry. These games are also known for their fun and extremely addictive gameplay. Nintendo has its hands in about every genre of games from sports to classic platforming and does it extremely well. Nintendo also has its Virtual Console library full of classic games for you to purchase at your leisure. To sweeten the deal, most Nintendo games can be enjoyed by anyone without losing older audiences. The Switch currently has a slew of developers and publishers agreeing to make games for them which is an extremely promising future for the console.

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