How We Felt About The Xbox One X Conference

If you didn’t hear about it the other day then you might be a little bit behind on the latest gaming trends. Xbox hosted a conference where they revealed a few new things including the pre-orders for the Xbox One X. The conference wasn’t extremely long but did hold quite a few new tidbits of information we have been waiting for. Of course, even with the excitement of the new premium Xbox, there are some things from the conference that we can’t help wondering about. Covered below are our thoughts towards the announcements made from Microsoft and what we think may or may not have been a good call.

Pre-order Timing

First off, Pre-orders are a huge thing for the new system. We knew the Xbox One X was going to be a limited release at first and we were totally prepared for this. What we weren’t prepared for was the fact that pre-orders for the system went live on a Sunday afternoon. This made it hard for a lot of people to get to their local stores to pre-order one. On top of that, there was little to no warning for the stores to inform their customers other than telling them about the conference.

I kind of feel that Microsoft should have let the pre-orders loose Monday morning or set a date. This would have broadened the markets access to getting the system first hand. On the other hand from what I’ve heard most places had a decent amount of systems allotted to them with a one per person limit. I’m a huge fan of limiting consoles since we do have a huge problem with pre-order scalpers sending new merchandise straight to eBay. I feel like Microsoft took this into consideration ahead of time to help their fans out which was a great call on their part.

The Minecraft Xbox One S was also a pretty cool little reveal. It’s a great alternative for those who don’t feel they need a premium system and one of the most creative consoles designs we have seen this gen. The announced controllers are also pretty sweet but do come with a price tag of \$74.99 each making them a little on the high side. That being said the console is a 1TB S which can be used with 4K making it a great pre-order for anyone who has been debating an Xbox One for a bit. The console also comes with some digital Minecraft goodies to get you started off gaming on the One.

Recore Expansion

While some may not have known this the announcement for Recore was a pretty big deal for the fan base. Recore came out last year for a reduced price tag of only \$40 new. The only problem was it was kind of an incomplete game. There were whole areas left in the game under construction and even one of the robots on the cover was left out. The story also ended leaving a lot of players feeling unsatisfied at the end. Luckily, Microsoft has now decided to fix this by making the expansion free to all the players who already own the game!

This was a really great move to Recore fans who have been insanely patient waiting for the games update. Along with this, we are also getting the definitive edition which will come with the update packaged in for new players. This edition is being released on August 29th and will retail for \$19.99. This is half the price of the game’s initial release making it a good deal for anyone who hasn’t got to jump into the sand filled open world. Along with the new story expansion, there will also be more customization for the in-game corebots for players to unlock.

Gaming on The One X

One of the things I was most disappointed with was the lack of software announcements for the One X. While the console will be the most powerful console on the market for sure. I would love to have some games to back this up with. Sure, Halo 5 and a few others will be enhanced to run and look better, but that’s not exactly exciting to many. While I don’t want to see a bunch of games becomes One X only exclusives either it would be great to see some dual titles made kind of like Nintendo did with Switch games like Mario Kart 8.

I also would love to see VR finally be talked about in regards to the One X. Everybody else seems to be leagues ahead of Microsoft in the VR department already. It would be nice to see the Vive or Oculus be announced for compatibility with the new console. I feel like it could really push sales for Vr since it would be multi platform usable, unlike the PSVR which is strictly for the PlayStation 4. On top of that, I feel like Microsoft could make a really interesting library of Vr inclusive games off of their franchises like Halo and Forza.

Next, I’m really happy Sea of Thieves will have cross platform play to PC gamers. The game has looked incredibly fun since launch, but I’ve had a hard time debating if I wanted to get it for my Xbox or not. Cross platform play with any MMO series usually goes over pretty wonderfully just ask the Final Fantasy XIV crowd. I do wish we could get a playable demo to try the game out along with a solid release date soon. I feel like we have been seeing and hearing about this game for quite a bit now and would love to actually be able to try it out with a few friends.’


The conference wasn’t amazing or a disappointment and fell pretty much in the middle. This was obviously done for the One X getting its pre order announcement and to drum up excitement for the system. While we didn’t get any ground breaking game announcements I am completely willing to give Microsoft a shot this year to see what games they will try to push their new console with.

Jessica has been working with the gaming industry for about two years now. She enjoys playing quirky Japanese games and learning about the newest trivia in the industry. When not working with games you may find her chilling with her naked cat Prince Noko... he's pretty cool we guess.