My Top 5 Shooters on PC

Since the days of the first Doom game, the first person shooter genre has grown into one of the highest grossing genres in all of the video games. With every year comes a new opportunity to shoot friends and foes in the face, and it’s one I’m personally thankful for.

What makes a good FPS? Is it the level design or the gun arsenal available? I’d say that’s it’s a collection of those things. Over the years there have been some absolute legendary games in the FPS genre. So legendary that we decided to break down our list of The Top 5 Shooting Games on PC.

Now fear not controller lovers, most of these games have controller compatibility. If you happen to have a controller that’s compatible with your PC then you’ll still find this article useful - Let’s lock and load.


Blizzard has a knack for creating excellent games and their entry into the first person shooter market is no different. Overwatch is a team-based online first person shooter. Choose from a selection of unique and interesting characters, called heroes, and engage in high-intensity battles with friends. Each hero is unique, but all have roles to play. Some are Offense, some Defence, there’s also Tanks, and a Support class.

In Overwatch, two teams of six players face off against each other in a range of maps. It’s a game that attaches to both characters and play styles. Every man or women on your team count in Overwatch as one kink in the chain can expose your team heavily.

Overwatch has a great design in both characters and levels. The hero’s skills and special abilities complement its style and it’s almost hard to pick faults in another Blizzard masterpiece. The success this game has gained in such a short space of time is well deserved and has rightfully be included on our list.

Bring out your competitive side and join the many players already engrossed in this title – you won’t be disappointed.

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Half-Life 2

Over 10 years since its original release and it’s still one of the best games around. Half-Life 2 continued the much-loved story of Gordon Freeman, a scientist at the Black Mesa Research Facility. Play through several chapters and solve mysteries as you turn weird alien like creatures into dust as you blast them with a range of interesting weapons.

Despite the somewhat linear gameplay Half-Life 2 is still one of the greatest first person experiences you can have. Not only is the story and excellent one, but the graphics were so impressive for its time. Half-Life 2 went a long way to shape the first person shooters we have today.

In 2003 controversy struck the game in the form of a leaked playable version. Arrests were made and the final release of Half-Life 2 turned out to be a little different. Despite this setback Half-Life 2 has gone on to sell around 12 million copies worldwide and is one of Valve’s biggest games.

Who knows if we’ll ever see Half-Life 3, but if it’s going to make the same impact as this game, I’m happy to wait.

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A unique and interesting IP in all its glory, Bioshock took gamers to a new 1960s inspired world filled with creepy little girls and monstrous machines. Set in the underwater city of Rapture, Bioshock follows Jack, the protagonist of the story.

The game takes you on a world wind of a story and has possibly one of the greatest twists in a video game ever. Little pockets and nods towards its conclusion are spotted throughout. It’s jaw dropping and somewhat staggering as you piece together your previous hours in the game only to realize how it all makes sense now.

Elements of role-playing and stealth make an appearance in the game, both adding an extra layer on an already dense cake. The game is filled with interesting lore and fantastic voice acting to compliment this unique steam punk type style.

Bioshock is as addictive as it is beautiful, its one of those ‘just five more minutes game’, but those five minutes never seem to come. Immerse yourself in the world and the environment as you blast and shoot your way around this imaginative world.

Bioshock is a game you should have played already, but if you haven’t, would you kindly go out and buy it, then re-read this article? Thanks.

Portal 2

Our second Valve game to make this list is Portal 2. Not only does Valve clearly make good games, but they make ones with excellent and unique mechanics. Portal 2 sounds like a game that should have been made a thousand times before, but until Valve, it wasn’t.

Portal 2 is a first person puzzle game linked to the world of the Half-Life series. Play solo or with a friend as you use weapons to create portals and solve interesting and at times frustrating puzzles. Now I say frustrating, but I don’t mean that in a negative sense. Portal 2 is one of the most rewarding puzzle games I’ve played. Problem-solving and cooperation seem to be at the core of the game and unlike other games, it can bring friends closer together, rather than insulting them under your breath.

This game is the most unique on our list as it’s not all about just shooting your opponent in the face. There’s a greater tactical element to Portal 2, one that’s rewarded with patience and thorough thought.

Portal 2 is a game with a difference and it’s been hailed as one of the greatest video games of all time. It may not be your typical gun-slinging shooter, but what it offers is something no other game in the FPS genre can.

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Far Cry 3

A wide-open world shooter with an excellent story and one of the most memorable antagonists I’ve ever had the displeasure of facing, that’s Far Cry 3 in a nutshell.

Far Cry 3 took the series to a whole new level with the sheer content on offer. Take your pic of vehicles and weapons and take on the task at hand in a nonlinear way. Upgrade your character with skill points and craft items as you take on the pirates of Rook Island.

This game not only looked beautiful, but the voice acting and facial animations at times added a cinematic element like no other. Multiple endings and extremely nauseous, trippy game sections that make you feel like you’re on acid.

Memorable characters like Vaas, the villain of Far Cry 3 go a long way to remember a game fondly - He’s crazy and at times quite scary. I can’t remember an antagonist since Psycho Mantis having the impact that Vass did.

Far Cry 3 takes you on a journey of self-discovery and revenge. Load up on guns and bring your friends, but there’s no need to pretend. Get out there and play this game.

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