Overwatch Summer Games 2017 Overview

It’s that time of year again where summer is winding down and schools are returning to session. While beach trips may be getting put to a halt the world of video games has decided to heat things up in August. This means that no matter whether you are a parent relaxing at home for the first time in months or a college kid returning to campus for the year there’s still some summer left for you. So, what game are we focusing on for this article you ask, no other than the mega popular Overwatch. Blizzard loves their special events and is going all out for this year’s Overwatch summer games.

##Summer Games Background

The summer games were originally the first event Blizzard launched with Overwatch in celebration of the 2016 Rio Olympics. The event brought character customization for players to unlock to the game and even created Lucio Ball. Players of Overwatch who had been a little down due to the lack of launch content quickly praised Blizzard for the event and player levels spiked as everyone wanted in on the special unlocks. This, of course, has been followed by several other events such as Halloween and the Lunar New Year events.

The first set of items were themed around the Olympics. This means that a lot of characters got sports gear outfits that made them fit in with their country’s team. Most of the bonus emotes and poses were related to victory or sports in some way as well. This year, however, Blizzard has gone for a more over all summer theme with some really fun costumes to add to your collection. They also decided to bring back the hugely popular Lucio Ball that players have already sunk days of time into trying to score the most goals over the other teams!

Lucio Ball Guide

Let’s start off with a full proof guide of how to play and hopefully score the most balls in this mode. Lucio Ball is a unique concept that’s been brought to Overwatch by the summer event. This event is a little strange compared to the rest of the game and has no violent aspects to it. You can not in any way damage or push around other players in this mode. The main objective is to play a type of futuristic soccer where the team who scores the most goals in the time limit emerges victorious This, of course, is a little trickier than you might think and is a gameplay mode that might somewhat remind you of the high-speed soccer game rocket league.

In this mode, you also can not pick any other character than Lucio. This is because Lucio is a support character who’s moves fit in with the gameplay perfectly. Due to his music related power, he can use sonic bursts to easily move the ball around the field. He also wears skates that already make him a quick character in the main game and make him the perfect choice for movement. His personality is also very peppy and based around having fun making his voice lines and reactions in Lucio Ball feel completely natural instead of throwing in all the characters and trying to jaggedly edit them to fit into the sport.

Let’s talk gameplay now. The object is to push the ball into the other team’s goal much like any sports game. There will be a short countdown before each match where you will then rush to the middle of the field to try and gain a slight advantage. The game is 3v3 meaning you will have to select one player out of your team to be the goalie while the other two work to get the ball to the other team’s side. The best way to do this is to have the player who generally plays the least aggressive characters sit back and grin as he ruins all of the other team’s hopes of victory. Of course, due to the physics of Lucio Ball, it can be a little tricky to make saves against a good team. This is because they can hit the ball in from any direction and even try to use an aerial goal to outwit you.

As for what strategy is best for winning the game, there are a few ways to go. You can be a more offensive team that instead of just rushing for the ball at the beginning patiently waits. This will mean you will fall back to your side of the field and let them try to make a goal. You would then rush them together and steal the ball to try and score a fast goal. You can also play aggressively by keeping up with the ball at all times and trying to push them back as hard as you can. Other play styles could have you making them chase you in strange patterns to keep them off guard while you score a goal.

There are also a few things you need to keep in my while playing to ensure the best results. First off, if you can put yourself in either a party or in game chat to effectively communicate with your teammates. This raised your chance of victory by a large margin and gives you a huge edge over any team who can’t talk to each other Next make sure to keep track of your blasts cool down timer to figure out the best strategy for moving the ball quickly across the field. Also, be sure to remember that the glowing yellow spots will launch you up in the air if you jump while on them. This can either be a huge advantage or a horrible disadvantage if you jump by accident. You also will have a speed boost with a cool down timer you can use as well as an ultimate meter that will give Lucio super speed for a set amount of time when activated.

If you’re a little bit more competitive than the rest of us then try Copa Lucioball. This mode is the same game with more serious teammates and earnable competition points. There is also a skill rating system that will allow you to be placed up against players on your same playing level. Try it now to see if you can rank at the tops of the leaderboard. Just be warned Overwatches competitive community takes the gameplay pretty seriously so this is not the mode for those who truly just want to have fun. There are two different arenas to play in for each mode one is Sydney Harbour And the other in Estadio das Ras.

New Cosmetics

So, now that we’ve covered all the fun stuff let’s talk about what you can get. Well, the first bit of good news is that the collectible from last year are once again unlockable if you missed any of them. This means that you can get some duplicates though, but fear not just like with any duplicates you will be rewarded coins to save for the cosmetics you really want. That being said there’s plenty of new content as well, one of my favorites of this line even proves that Solider 76 is indeed the ultimate dad.

The characters with new skins are as followed (view all here):

McCree: Who is modeling some swim trunks with a beach towel draped around his neck.

Mercy: Who looks like a Greek Goddess sporting an Olympic torch staff.

Reaper: Who looks like an even more decked out Genji.

Sombra: Who is sporting some cute scuba gear.

Soldier 76: Who is ready to have the ultimate chill and grill session.

Windowmaker: Who is beach ready in her cute bikini.

Junkrat: Who is repping Australia in what appears to be a football outfit.

*These can also be purchased for 3,000 coins a piece.

Quite a few new emotes have been made available as well. You can unlock a beach by emote for Ana for example. There are also highlight intros making a comeback as well such as a Tracer competing in the hurdle. Be sure to look through Blizzard’s official listing to see what all you can get for your favorite characters. The event began on the 8th of August and will run until the 28th. By just opening up Overwatch you will be greeted by a free loot box. To get more simply complete the daily challenges and win in a few games of Lucio Ball. Remember that the loot boxes will also have normal items mixed in not related to the event.

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