The Top 5 Mods for Skyrim

Modding games are all the rage lately, and when you actually take a look at how these fan made assets can improve your overall experience, it’s easy to see why. Skyrim is a game with almost endless replayability, and a huge part of that reason is the community made mods that can change the game entirely.

Multiple re releases and HD versions won’t keep this game alive, Bethesda your community will. Skyrim has a passionate community of modders who spend their hours making excellent and engaging content, for free. Allowing fellow fans to play this content at no cost deserves credit, and this is why I’ve created a list of The Top 5 Mods for Skyrim.

Now, there a literally hundreds and hundreds of mods for Skyrim, with that in mind, this list could have gone a thousand different ways. For this list, I’ve tried to focus on mods that improved immersion and enhanced the world around me, rather than any full overhauls.

Let’s dive into the Top 5 Mods for Skyrim:

Book Covers

Now, this may just be the writer and the reader in me, but I love the books in Skyrim. I’ve had multiple Skyrim playthroughs and on every single one, I make a point of collecting books and then storing them in my personal bookshelf. There’s something so satisfying about being able to head off to your home, have your wife/husband prepare a meal, whilst you sit in your favorite chair, reading a book by the hearth.

This Book Covers mod enhances both the textures of the books and changes the front cover and spine. This may not sound like much on the face of it, but when you have your Biography of Barenziah volumes lined up neatly, you’ll see why this mod is so great.

This mod isn’t for everyone. But if you’re looking to enhance your immersion, it’s not invasive and does a good job of coloring in the background, so to speak.

Wet and Cold

Wet and Cold is a mod that adds weather dependent effects to the game. NPCs will look for shelter when it rains and wrap up warm when it snows. The Nords of Skyrim is indeed hardened folk, but this mod adds a greater level of immersive play to your game. Characters clothing will drip water after they’ve been for a swim, and snow will cling to their boots after they’ve been walking in it.

Wet and Cold brings a level of real world detail to the fantasy setting of Skyrim. There’s a level of joy when you see a crowd on NPCs rushing to the nearest inn to avoid the impending storm, you all huddle inside around the hearth and listen to the bard sing his songs.

This is a mod that adds much more than just the damp and the dreary, it brings character and life to what can sometimes seem a stale and robotic world. Let’s face it, when it rains in the real world, we all look for shelter, and when it snows we all wrap up warm.

Immersive Patrols

Here is a mod that brings life to the patrolling soldiers in Skyrim. Immersive Patrols adds scheduled patrols for the major factions within Skyrim. Whilst traversing the wild, or trekking around cities you’ll see groups of soldiers surveying the area.

Immersive Patrols adds layers of real time war-like behavior. Soldiers will ambush forts and even attempt to attack cities. It’s a mod that sits quietly in the background and makes you question why it wasn’t included in the game in the first place.

By adding this mod it makes traversing the wild that little bit more dangerous. Groups of bandits will now patrol the wild and it might not be too long before you bump into them.

Realistic Water Two

The water effects in Skyrim are looking a bit outdated by today’s standard. Thankfully, this can be rectified rather easily with the Realistic Water Two mod.

This mod adds textures for all the bodies of water in Skyrim and improves the audio quality of them too. From waterfalls to rivers, there is a massive difference in realism with this mod.

Realistic Water Two adds immersive water flows and beautiful crashing waves that make visiting the Skyrim seaside one of my favorite past times. Bobbing objects are also included that provide a realistic bounce to both boats and icebergs. With so many waterfalls and plenty of rivers and oceans to dive it, this mod is a must for any would be diverse. The underwater effects here are also vastly improved by adding much more color and vibrancy.

Immersive Weapons

Unless you’re a book hoarder like me, weapons are probably the thing we all use most in Skyrim. They’re the things we see 99% of the time on screen, but some of them are just down right dull - well that’s about to change with the Immersive Weapons mod.

Immersive Weapons mod adds a whole range of new and exciting weapons, whilst still keeping the theme of the game. With the addition of this mod, you’ll be able to swing great Warhammers and thrust Spears.

If the current stock of weapons in Skyrim wasn’t enough for you then this mod will certainly spice things up a little. There are over 200 new weapons and 6 new arrow types included, all with beautiful textures that compliment the world of Skyrim.

There are some really unique and excellent looking weapons included in this mod and they’re all nicely balanced in the game, so if you’re tired of swinging the same old axe, give this mod a try.

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