The Top 5 Strategy Games on PC

Strategy games are one of my all time favorite games to play, just lagging slightly behind RPGs. The feeling of being able to command a huge star fleet or organizing your archers and spears into perfect lines, waiting for the incoming charge of your enemy.

Strategy games have been a vital part of PC gaming and they have seen something of a revival over the last few years. Strategy games were a powerhouse of PC gaming at one point, but after Westwood left the scene, there seemed to be a huge gap in the market.

Things have changed since then and the genre is back on the rise, with more and more developers creating new and exciting strategy titles that push the boundaries and innovate the genre.

With that in mind, we here at Beepwee have decided to pay homage to the genre and break down a list of some of our favorite strategy titles. This list could be huge, but we have limited it to 5 games, with a limit of one game per series, so there’s no Age of Empires 1,2 & 3. We’ve also decided to focus on newer games in the genre, otherwise, this list would full of games from the 90s.

Call the banners and raise your fleet as we break down The Top 5 Strategy Games on PC:

Total War: Warhammer

When Creative Assembly first announced their partnership with Games Workshop it felt like this would be a match made in heaven. For once those feelings didn’t disappoint and when Total War: Warhammer was finally released fans of the series got exactly what they wanted.

Okay, so the game has its faults, but which game doesn’t? Overall the experience you get from the title is amazing. The grand and epic real time battles you engage in can be legendary. Charging cavalry or having monstrous dragons swoop into a unit of spear feels and looks amazing – no game does it better.

The epic scale of this title and its fantasy setting go hand in hand and this is one of my favorite Total War games. One of the reasons to limit this list to one game per franchise is that it would be too easy to fill it with Total War games.

Total War: Warhammer is a massive step in the right direction for Creative Assembly’s franchise, and with the second installment just around the corner, this game is set to get even bigger.


After playing the first XCOM and absolutely loving it, I couldn’t wait to try the next installment in the series. Major improvements were promised and they sure delivered on them.

XCOM 2 is a continuation of the story in the first game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, but this time the aliens won the war and have invaded the earth, taking control of major cities and forcing the resistance underground.

Recruit rookie soldiers and build your perfect team as you take the fight to the alien enemy. Controlling territories and building an underground network is vital as you prepare to rid the earth of its invaders. There’s nothing quite like personalizing your team of specialized soldiers and heading out on a dangerous mission to save humanity itself.

Civilisation VI

Civilization VI is the culmination of all the previous civ games. Refined over the years and with a hefty load of new improvements and features, this is my favorite civ game to date.

The new cartoonish look Civilisation VI employs works really well. It was a brave move by the developers but one that paid off. It’s clear to see that the team behind Civilisation VI have tried to improve on every aspect on their previous titles.

Some new additions are perhaps, questionable. Like the changes to builders, where they only last 3 turns and can no longer be automated. But if this is your only issue then the wider gamer makes up for this.

Civilization VI is a game that will appeal to both series veterans and newbies. There’s a deep and rich level of strategy and diplomacy to it, with multiple difficulty options. Creating your own world and building your empire is one of the best times you can have in video gaming.

Homeworld Remastered

When the original Homeworld was released it changed my life in video gaming and when the remastered version came out, I was one of the first in line to pick up my copy and relive this masterpiece. Here was an unknown game, set in space with a beautiful story about self-discovery and answering the age old question of where we come from. Not only did this story appeal to me, but it included some of the most innovative mechanics I’d experienced.

One of the most innovative features at the time was the ability to finish a level with a fleet of ships and then have them carry over to the next level. This developed a level of personalisation and care towards your fleet. There’s nothing like keeping the same squad of fighter’s together throughout the entire game.

Players control a huge hulking mothership and build a fleet of both small and large starships. Think Command & Conquer set in space, but with your base being a huge mothership that can move, albeit slowly.

With an amazing soundtrack and improved visuals, Homeworld Remastered is a must for fans of the original as it includes both Homeworld and Homeworld 2. That might seem a bit like cheating for our list, but I had to include one of my favorite games of all time.

Endless Legend

Endless Legend is a 4X game with a fantasy setting. It’s similar to Civilisation titles, but with a few major differences. The game is deep and diverse, with its many races and different hero types, the replay value on this title is crazy. Endless Legend is a beautiful looking game, again it’s similar to Civilisation IV in that it has a unique cartoonish art style, but it really suits the game’s fantasy setting.

What Endless Legend does best is blend science fiction and fantasy together seamlessly. Spacemen may fight dragons, but there’s no loss of immersion, and that’s a tough ask when blending the two genres together.

Role Playing elements, diplomacy, and city management are all part of this huge adventure. Despite the potential for a 30-hour game, Endless Legend remains fun throughout its campaign and the turn-based battles can be both tense and brutal affairs. There’s an abundance of side quests and other activities as you travel around the wide campaign world.

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