Top 5 Online RPGs On PC

MMORPG’s can be some of the most rewarding games out there on the market today. These games feature ever changing environments as well as weekly events and huge communities. This list features some of the most prominent MMO’s to date with a mix of variety for everyone. The following MMO’s all have unique battle systems and overall design choices that will keep you entertained for years on end.

Black Desert

Black Desert is one of the newest MMO’s out there and was highly anticipated by gamers before its release. This game features beautiful graphics and an open world sandbox for players to explore. The game follows the story of two rival nations who are at odds. The whole setting is high fantasy meaning players will experience many fairy tale like missions and settings throughout the game world.

While this is a new MMO more content will be added in as it grows. Currently, there are several weekly boss fight you can participate in. If that doesn’t suit you then you can join a guild to help you level up quickly. The main story is pretty entertaining as well, so be sure to take part in it when you can. You can currently pick from 13 different classes to begin your journey in Black Desert.

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DC Universe Online

You have to give it to DC comics for creating a bustling online world with a unique take on MMO styled play. In this game, you follow the story of a human who has been turned into a superhero or villain by exobytes. The Justice League sets out to train these new superhumans properly in order to stop a deadly war that was set up by Braniac. Of course, Joker and a few other villains are here to train you as well. This game features characters from about every comic in the DC universe and even has several different storyline quests for you to indulge in. This means that you can play with you favorite heroes to help save Gotham or metropolis.

The game has great character customization that allows you to make the super human of your dreams. The game allows you to pick from three different travel modes that greatly improve your gameplay choices. You either get the power of speed, flight, or acrobatics that will aid you in moving through areas and strategically affect your combat. Along with that, you choose which your alignment and what character you would like to mentor under to affect your story paths. You also will get to chose from a variety of weapons and powers to personalize your experience even further in the game.

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Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online takes place way in the past of the Elder Scrolls universe. This online adventure takes you through about every country mentioned in the mainline universe. There are also several key locations from the previous games in the series that you can visit. All of the areas of the games have plenty of quests you can indulge in to learn about what’s going on around you. This makes this game a treasure trove for lore lovers of the series and helps expands the roots of future Elder Scrolls games by showing the olden times. That being said this game does feature a storyline of it’s on you can choose to indulge in if you so choose so.

The game play in Elder Scrolls Online is similar to that of the rest of the series. You can use magic or different types of weapons to take on foes with hot key mapped abilities. If you get tired of that you can improve your sneak skills by robbing the locals blind to make money. There are several DLC’s you can buy to gain access to guilds such as the Dark Brotherhood or you can even purchase the Morrowind expansion to explore the highly loved area.


Maplestory is an older MMO for this list but it has managed to keep its charm through the years. The game takes you on a compelling adventure through its world of cute miniature sized characters all drawn in anime style. The game is really big on fashion and outfits, featuring thousands of different looks for you to explore. This can be expanded upon if you have the interest in investing into the cash shop, but in no way is a requirement for playing the game. Maplestory is even currently working on Maplestory 2 as well which fans are super excited for.

The gameplay of maple story focuses around assigning skills to your hot keys, as well as, keeping up with weapons and armor. You have to really watch where you put your skill points in order to properly use your class. In some cases, inadequate skill placement can pretty much make the game come to a halt for you. Other than combat Maplestory features a thriving social community that loves role playing and anime. It’s easy to make friends or party up with other players making the game a very positive experience for all.

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Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is the all online 14th story in the Final Fantasy franchise. This game takes place in the realm of Eorzea, a country that is under threat by the Garlean empire and Primals. Upon your character waking up you soon learn that you have the ability to see past events. This triggers you getting pulled into the plot to take down the Primals. The game while it does focus on story events quite a bi,t does have several side quests in it to keep you entertained. On top of that, you can join friends to redo dungeons as many times as you like after unlocking them.

The combat in Final Fantasy 14 is real time. This means that you will have to work with your party in order to keep your health up and allocate skill usage properly. The Mp meter can drain pretty fast so make sure to use constant communication in game. It is also entirely possible to solo the game if you follow the story missions which will level you quickly, and find your parties to go through the dungeons with. The game has several fan favorite classes that branch out letting you create the exact type of character you want to play as. There is a subscription fee associated with this game so it may be a tad expensive to get into at first.

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