Top 5 PC Games For Girls

Females are no stranger to gaming these days as more and more women join in on popular gaming franchises across the world. While we play many of the same games as our male counterparts do, sometimes it’s fun to add a little girlish charm in. This list is full of great female leads and a little bit of romance to give you a virtual girls night out.

Slime Rancher

Slime rancher is a fun little game where you ranch slimes for their droppings. That’s right slime droppings are worth tons of money in this game. This is a cute colorful game without much story context outside of exploring the area. The world of Slime Rancher is overrun by cute chibi slime balls just waiting for you to take them home. How do you do this you ask, you simply suck them up with your slime vacuum. The cool things about this game are that you play as female space wrangler Beatrix LaBeau who has left her comfy home on earth to travel thousand of light years to the planet of the slimes.

The game play for this game is simple, there are several different biomes with different slimes to collect. In order to raise slimes properly, of course, you will first have to harvest them from the environment and put them in a habitable enclosure. Afterward, you will need to feed them to make them do their thing so you can earn money. You, of course, have a limit to how many slimes you can keep and harvest at once. This means you will have to eventually shell out some of your hard earned money to get better upgrades for your farm. The game also features daily challenges you can take part in, these will give you more money for each one you successfully complete!

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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has equality for all in this farming franchise. Women can play and marry everyone that the male player can. The series also has a strong handle on teaching younger players lessons in economics, as well as real life farming needs. This game also has a more mature take on farming life than the Harvest Moon games giving players a more fulfilling storyline then games within that series. On top of that, the game has a pretty fun romance system and even allows for you to go through heart events with all the villagers before you settle on which one to marry. Which in all fairness most people won’t have to use thanks to the outstanding personalities with each eligible partner.

This series blossom even more with it’s complicated town growth system. You can even take the easy route and use the money to grow the town by paying the JaJa corporation to take over. If that doesn’t sound like a good idea then you can use your gameplay time meeting the requirements of the town hall to continually expand the game world for you to play in. Stardew Valley is full of in depth gameplay fun for girls of all ages and does a great job of being an all inclusive game for everyone.

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Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria comes from the famous “Tales of series” created by Bandai Namco Entertainment. In this story, you follow Velvet Crowe and friends in a tale about the vengeance for her little brother. The story is long and full of beautifully drawn art with Velvet being an amazing female lead. The world is fully fleshed out scenarios and even has a sequel-prequel named Tales of Zestiria you can play first to get more into the story.

While JRPG’S can sometimes feel a little overdone with their character tropes Berseria is breath of fresh air. This is due to the series taking a path without romance and instead basing the story entirely around family. The battle system is also much improved other previous games in the series using a real time system that flows wonderfully. Without giving too much a way this is a longer game that will take players between 40- 50 hours to complete with just playing the main story. If this is something your looking for then you will not regret picking it up today


Sonicomni features the popular Japanese mascot Super Sonico in a leading video game role. This game follows Sonico on her way to be a star in her modeling debut. You play as her manager and have to photograph her to create an image for the public. While this may seem like it can go wrong really fast this is a delightful game for female gamers. Sonico has a bright cheerful personality as well as a big heart that drives the story along. There is also a lot of dress up elements to this game that can be pretty fun for any girls into design. Add all this into the games cute anime design and you have a truly fun little simulation game to play.

This game plays half like Pokemon Snap and half like a dating sim. The goal of the game is to collect the hundreds of costumes and accessories to photograph Sonico in for her international image. In between this, however, the game will go into a type of choose your own adventure mode where you can interact with Sonico. The game features 12 different outcomes for the player to unlock and your actions will directly impact the story as it moves along.

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Clannad is a true visual novel and one of the most critically acclaimed ones a that. This game is a little strange since it falls fully into the visual novel category meaning it’s more story than gameplay. You play as a male named Tomoya Okazaki whose goal is to revive the drama club at his school. This, of course, means that he will meet all new friends by doing this creating several different paths the player can take. Without spoiling too much of this game it will take you about 50 hours to get through with several branching paths for playability. The story and characters are completely touching and it’s not advised for those who don’t like emotional journeys. This visual novel was so popular it even got an anime series made of it years ago.

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