Why You Shouldn't Buy a Nintendo Switch

If you are like most people that have been keeping up with all the newest console news then you’ve heard of the Switch. The Switch is Nintendo’s newest system and is targeted towards a more family friendly crowd. The system is also the least powerful out of the console race and focuses on gameplay rather than raw graphics power making it harder for some games to make their way onto the system. Still a lot of people are debating whether or not they should hop on the Switch train or maybe wait a bit to see how it does. This article will outline all you need to know about why buying a Switch may not be the best option for your family.


The sales for the Nintendo Switch have been pretty great. A lot of sources even reported that the system is selling just as well as the original Wii. Most stores that get shipments in quickly sell out of the console and Nintendo is steadily putting out a supply for their consumers. When the console launched Pre-orders weren’t impossible to get ahold of for most fans and the launches were very smooth.

Software sells have done pretty well in contrast to the number of Switches sold. Many fans have been pre-ordering games as their announced in cases of shortages and Nintendo has done great with stock. The launch games for the system flew off the shelves about as quick as the system and titles like 1-2 Switch were difficult to pick up at first. For a new console, this one is doing impressively well especially considering the lack of support its predecessor the Wii U had.

The price of the Switch is only 299.99 even though it just launched. The only problem with this is that put against its more powerful competitors it isn’t that much of a deal. The Switch has a few ups to its system like the fact that its Joy Cons can be split into two controllers. The downside is that there is currently no bundles that come with a game. This leaves us wishing that Nintendo would have packaged a game like Wii Sports or Nintendo Land in the box so we could really get into some of the Switch’s unique features without dishing out too much money.

Confusing The Market

Another big issue you may have with the Switch is the fact that we don’t know what exactly Nintendo has planned for it. The system is fully capable of being both a handheld and home console at the same time. 3DS games have also somewhat slowed in releasing making us wonder if the Switch will soon take over the DS line. A lot of consumers will also still want to opt for the Wii U due to the fact that they have fallen in price and there is a bigger selection of titles available.

Another issue is the fact that the Switch is pretty expensive in its accessories. To buy a Pro Controller you are going to pay \$70 compared to the \$60 for a Ps4 or Xbox One controller. If you want a second set of Joy Cons then you will have to pay about \$80. On top of that, you will need a carrying case to move around such an expensive device which will cost you even more. It’s really hard to accessorize the Switch if you compare prices for the other consoles.

Also, remember that if you wanted to find a Switch Pre-owned it’s impossible unless you go to an online site. As of right now barely any Switches get traded into brick and mortar stores. This makes picking up the system for a cheaper amount while still getting a good look at it first near impossible. Even worse, with the holidays coming up and the production of the SNES Mini we can almost guarantee it will be a fight to get ahold of one of these consoles. Even with the upcoming Mario Odyssey, you may want to hold off until the holiday shopping simmers down.


Another huge deal breaker that most people may not know about is the fact that Nintendo wants the Switch to be a gaming console only. This means that as of right now you can’t use a Switch as a multimedia device in your home. This makes making use of the console outside of gaming pretty much impossible. While the menu is simplified because of this and there isn’t much clutter it would be pretty cool to be able to watch a movie after I’m done inking a skate park.

This has actually caused my Switch to personally not be in use other than when friends are over. With most of the target games being party related and Breath of The Wild already beaten my system hasn’t had a lot of use. I do feel that if i had a way to access other media on it then I would lean towards it more than my PS4 at times since it has such a great user interface. It would also be a great mobile device if you have a hotspot on you.

For online gamers, you may not be able to find that much love for the friend system. Nintendo likes to rely heavily on codes that you exchange instead of gamertags. This can make adding friends a titus process. You also can’t transfer up friends from your other accounts making you pretty much have to go through the whole adding process over and over again for every Nintendo console you have your friends on. While this isn’t a huge negative for people who don’t have multiple consoles for those of us with a 3DS or Wii U already this can be a little irritating to use.

The Switch also runs into a few problems when it comes to what you can do with your friends online. While this system is leagues better than the Wii U and 3DS it still has quite a few flaws. The biggest is the way the voice chat works. Unlike the other consoles to voice chat on the Switch, you have to download a phone app and connect it your account. This is kind of strange considering you could just call or Discord your friends to set up a lobby more easily. Most people will also be a little put off by having to use their storage space for such a strange setup.

If that’s not enough Nintendo also wants you to start paying for their online service. While it’s not going to be expensive as the services offered by competitors it’s still a little surprising coming from Nintendo. There will also be free games every month, but they will be from the NES instead of new titles like Xbox has. This is a little off putting especially considering how awkward voice chat looks to be on the system. Nintendo plans to launch the service this fall and is leaving its network free until it does.

Lack of Titles

First off, the Switch doesn’t really have a lot in its game lineup so far. That means that right now you will only have a few games to choose from if you pick the system up. You also will find that some of these games are just repeated releases like the upcoming Skyrim for Switch that you may not feel like playing for the millionth time. That being said there also isn’t a lot announced for the system as of yet making the games releasing few and far between.

The games the Switch does have however are rather good. Mario Kart 8 is a solid port that redid the in game battle mode extremely well. Splatoon 2 is more fun the first iteration of the game and comes packed with tons of new content to make it a worthy sequel. The Switch even has a Mario game coming out headed by the same guys who made Mario Sunshine which is a huge deal for most Nintendo fans. There are also some pretty interesting Jrpg’s appearing on the console like Nights of Azure 2.

Even with all this being said though it’s still not enough to keep most people interested in their Switch for long. Even if you were to buy every title currently out for the Switch and play through them you’d very easily run out of games in about a month. Even if you play the expansive Breath of The Wild you will eventually run out of things to do within a few weeks. Most other games on the system are short or party based making them not functional for solo gamers. Even Splatoon which is incredibly fun is heavily reliant on you wanting to play in online matches.

You also won’t be able to find too many mature games on this system. Nintendo systems are known for being family friendly meaning you won’t see Witcher 3 on it anytime soon. The games will also be less story focused and more focused towards the controls. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing depending on what you want out of your system.

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