Xbox Game Pass Will Kill Your Free Time

I know that some of us hard core gamers have already heard of and love the Game Pass from Microsoft. It’s old news, right? Well, not really. There are still a ton of games that don’t realize what all Game Pass can do for you – or to you. If you aren’t familiar with the Game Pass, it is a subscription service that started in June 2017 and gives gamers access to over 100 Xbox One and 360 titles. It’s a whopping \$10 bucks a month and is a steal compared to services like RedBox, GameFly and others where you only can have one or two games at a time and have to return them before you get others.

Game Pass allows you to just switch games at the drop of a hat when you’re done with one. It also sports games like ‘BioShock Infinite’, ‘WWE2K16’, ‘Halo 5: Guardians’ and a long line of mega titles that we’ve all come to know and love throughout the years. Some companies out there that bank on reselling games, like GameStop and GameExchange, aren’t too happy with the concept. I mean, it eats into their profits if gamers aren’t buying \$60+ games, then reselling them for less than half for just store credit.

To me, however, Game Pass is an insanely awesome thing. Consider the possibilities: tons of games that you already love at the push of a button – instant gratification. New games that you haven’t played yet at the push of a button – again, instant gratification. Plus, Microsoft says that it will be adding more and more games to the service as time goes on. Well, color me a couch potato.

Of course, this also means the death of any free time I have. I already play way too many games as it is, such as World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Bush Whacker 2 on Big Fish Games, Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow and so on (you can check out some of my reviews of games here on BeepWee). But now, I’ve got all these Xbox titles at my fingertips as well. So, when I’m ready to throw my phone or keyboard from PC gaming, I’m now firmly fixed to my Xbox with Game Pass.

Now, I’m able to play some of my favorite games without worrying about the discs, shelling out cash for a used copy of an old favorite or even getting out of my house to go find said game I want to play. Man. We’re swiftly turning into the huge spaceship from Wall-E when it comes to gaming at this point. I for one am not complaining, but I’m sure that there will be tons of health professionals who will be shortly.

Microsoft isn’t the only company that offers online streaming of their titles. Sony has PS now, which has the added capability of streaming games versus downloading them. Their service is \$45 bucks for three months, and gives you access to PlayStation titles you love as well.

So, if you’re looking for a way to check out some other Xbox titles without having to buy new games, I’d highly recommend Game Pass. You can’t beat the price and you can’t beat the selection of games on the service either.

Trying not to melt away in the heat of Oklahoma, MD Weems has been a writer and artist for over 20 years. Her written works over all types of gaming have been used in college level game design textbooks as well as in US Patents over virtual character design. She has worked with gaming companies all over the world and is even cool enough to have her own Korean cartoon character.