Far Cry 5 Preview

Far Cry 5 is in the news as more details emerged from its Gamescom 2017 preview earlier this month. In honor of this new information, we thought we’d break down some of the things that await us after its February release date.

For those of you not familiar with the game or the franchise, Far Cry 5 is the next installment in Ubisoft’s long running open world first person shooter series. Typically Far Cry games are set in somewhat of a tropical location, but this time the developers have chosen to base the game in the rural United States.

Far Cry 5 sees you pit your skills against far-right Christian cults in a modern day setting. There are certainly more than a few parallels to the real world, but this looks like it adds a new flavor to an already established series.

The setting isn’t the only change to the series, so we have helpfully broken down a few of the details we found most interesting about Far Cry 5.

Co-Op Campaign

Sometimes we all need a little help from our friends, just ask The Beatles. In the case of Far Cry 5, friends can join you and play through the entire campaign with you. Both couch and online play will be there for you and buddy to team up and fire some pretty crazy guns, causing all kinds of mayhem. I love playing games with a friend and if you ask me, more games should include this feature.

For you lone wolves out there, don’t worry as you have options too. Far Cry 5 now has a buddy system included. These are AI controlled players who give you a helping hand in blowing stuff up. So far we’ve seen a dog that likes to rip throats out, a sniper named grace that can provide ranged support whilst you whack people with your baseball bat, and a pilot who’s fond of bombing runs.

This system shines when you instruct your buddies to do something specific and dulls when they don’t complain after you shoot them in the face repeatedly. Don’t worry they respawn eventually.

You can go Fishing

Down time is important after some heavy gun battles and what better way to calm yourself down after a big fight than go fishing. Well, there some good news for you avid anglers out there as Far Cry 5 has a nice big river for you to get your fish on.

I was surprised at how in-depth and quite complex the fishing mechanic was in Far Cry 5. Shallower parts of the river can yield Trout’s, whilst deeper parts offer bigger catches. Depending on where you cast your line, you catch will differ.

Fishing is controlled by using a button to cast your line, another for reeling in it and another for loosening the line. This is important as too much tension can cause your line to snap, just like the real world.

It’s not quite a fishing sim but it’s a good mechanic and it offers something a little different and I welcome this change. You can even cast your line at various land animals, but don’t expect to catch anything.

Immersive Animals

Being set in rural Montana it should come as no surprise that there is no shortage of wildlife in Far Cry 5. The good news is that these are immersive and behave in a realistic manner. The bad news is that you can be enjoying a spot of fishing only to be ravaged by a wolf.

The animals in Far Cry 5 really stood out for me, so much so that I actually witnessed a cow and bull getting it on. I kid you not; I saw this and it’s something I’ll never forget. This was something that was quickly broken up with a baseball bat, as there’s a time and a place for that kind of stuff and it’s not on my watch. The cow ran away from the flurry of attacks whilst the bull circled me and charged toward me with its horns. These are the small changes and details that have a massive impact on player immersion.

You can fly a Plane

I’m happy to announce that for this first time in a Far Cry game you can fly a real Plane. That’s right, no more hand gliders or little choppers, you can now get in a Plane and dog fight until dawn if you wish.

Even more good news around being able to fly a Plane is that it’s really fun and it feels somewhat familiar too. Controlling the craft is a standard affair and although there is a little learning curve to mastering the skies, I’m sure you’ll be weaving in and out of objects and flying under bridges in no time.

Dog fights with other craft can be tricky affairs and require a certain level of skill to be truly effective. One issue I found is that you can only fly the Plane in first person, which is something I don’t normally do, so I found this a little tricky.

It’s still very much a Far Cry game

For all you returning fans out there you’ll be happy to know that this is still very much a traditional Far Cry game. Ubisoft has seemed to improve on a lot of the aspects in Far Cry 4 and removed some of the more tedious parts. Gone are the mini map and the radio towers that reveal the map – something I’m pleased about. Radio towers are still present, but this time they offer great panoramic views and an opportunity to test your parachute.

The familiar chaotic gameplay the series is famous for is still found throughout and clobbering or shooting your enemies is just as fun. You can go in guns blazing and blow your enemies to smithereens with dynamite or sneak up and take down your foes in silence.

All the charm and humor is also present, allowing you to go as far as stealing peoples weed and subsequently raiding their fridge for the post munchies. You can even run people over in a tractor, dicing them on the front rotating machine.

All signs are pointing to one hell of a Far Cry game and the similarities with society today make it ever more relevant. I for one can’t wait for February and the game’s full release and I’m already plotting my carnage.

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