Halloween Costumes For Gamers

It’s that time of year where we have to start debating what we are going to play dress up as this year. It’s getting close to Halloween which means parties, dances, and trick-or-treating are going to be the hot topics for the next month. Get ready to put out your pumpkins and find some stylish costumes that will make all your fellow gamers jealous this season. To help you out a little bit, we even scoured Amazon for some awesome costumes you can get delivered to your door right now, just in case you need to practice getting into character early!

Getting Ghoulish

These finds are all reflective of some of the best and most popular game titles this year. We have something for everyone no matter what your gender or gaming preference is. These costumes also all range from cheap to some of the more expensive cosplay grade outfits that are great for wearing over and over again. That or we always suggest going for a zombie Pikachu look if you’re on a tight budget, but let’s get started shall we!


Celebrate the release of Assassin’s Creed: Origins by dressing up as one of your favorite assassins. Amazon has several different costumes from each game to choose from or jackets if you wanted to go a more casual route. The costumes have both male and female versions to fit just about anyone and they all look pretty stylish. The price ranges to become an assassin go between $20 to $120 if you want to go for one of the more deluxe costumes. You can also easily find hidden blades to add on for that extra complete look!


Not sure if you’d really ever want to put yourself in the world of Dark Souls, so we are bringing part of it to you. This Solaire costume should keep you plenty safe while trick-or-treating this year or so we hope. We do recommend buying a weapon to go alongside this so you aren’t left defenseless in case of a world invasion by another player. This costume is cosplay quality meaning it will be on the more expensive side, but hey, it’s gotta be durable to truly live up to the games standards. There is a cheaper version available as well but it does not come with the helmet.


Who doesn’t love Piccolo he is the snarky “real dad” of Gohan. This costume along with the rest of the Z fighters are available for you to purchase on Amazon. All you will need is a lot of green face paint and to practice your scowling skills in the mirror. There is a mask sold separately that will make your night much easier, but it will make the costume got towards the $80 range when paired together. We all know it’s totally worth it to become a true Z fighter though!


Breath of The Wild took the classic Zelda designs and threw them out the window. Because of those costume designers scrambled to make the perfect recreations of in-game Zelda and Link. These costumes are cosplay grade and ready for you to reclaim Hyrule in. Several versions of the Master Sword can also be found for purchase on Amazon if you want complete the look. Just remember that these costumes make you no better at cooking than you already are and don’t grant any extra abilities.


Everyone’s favorite blonde character from Final Fantasy XV has his costume readily available for fans who love him. Dress up as Prompto and join your friends on the adventure of a lifetime or you know getting some candy throughout the night. With Prompto wigs also readily available for purchase the look is easy to complete and actually pretty comfortable to wear. The costume can also work for both males and females so no one is left out from channeling their inner Prompto!

Pokemon Trainer

Celebrate the release of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon by becoming the basic edition of the protagonist from the games. These outfits are super comfy and cheap making them a great choice for anyone who likes laid back cosplays. You can even buy a plushie and carry it around for added Pokemon realism. The best part is you can have any hairstyle you want since there is in-game customization, no wigs required!

Soldier 76

Overwatch is still taking the world by storm and pulling in even more players than ever. This means that costume designers everywhere are rolling out cosplay grade costumes of about every character in the game. If you’re tired of seeing D.VAs everywhere you go then try out being Soldier 76 for a day. For bonus points you can even take a lawn chair to the party and practice yelling at young punks all night long. If you aren’t feeling the 76, fear not, you can find the other characters like Mei for sell as well and the wigs you will need for them are rather cheap as well!


All this Kingdom Hearts 3 news has the fans more excited than ever. This has caused several stores such as Spencer’s, Amazon, and Spirit to start selling Kingdom Hearts costumes this year. Dress up as Sora or Kairi on the cheap and pair it with your favorite matching pair of shoes. These costumes are cosplay ready and from review fit rather great. To complete the looks simply order in a cheap wig from Amazon and style it. In addition to the costumes, the stores are also selling cheap replicas of both Sora and Kairi’s keyblades, no word yet on that dark Riku costume though.


If you need to relive the fun-filled story of Nier this Halloween then check out this costume of 2B. If you aren’t a fan of frilly skirts, 9S costumes are also available for purchase. Complete the look by buying a replica sword and the cosplay boots as well to have a costume that will look great and last you for years. Bonus points if you memorize full lines of dialogue from the game and can stay in character during the party!


Get ready to steal the hearts of all the ladies around you with this Joker outfit from Persona 5. All you need is the mask to go with it and you’re ready to join alongside the Phantom Thieves. If you aren’t a fan of Joker’s design you can also easily acquire Futaba’s and Ann’s outfits as well. This is one of the more durable and expensive outfits on this list meaning you can use it for years to come or run around at late hours during your con visits. To complete the costume, look into picking up some model guns like Joker uses in the game. Buying this outfit will not give you your own Persona but may make you the talk of the party.


This costume is the most expensive on our list and will take quite a bit of budgeting to buy. That being said it looked just too perfect to be left off. This costume perfectly captures Ciri from the Witcher 3’s design and is made to be super durable. It even comes complete with everything seen in the picture including the shoes to finish off the look. A professional grade Ciri wig is also sold separately to make sure you have her down perfect for the night! A version of Geralt’s armor is also available for anyone wanting a partner in crime for the night.

Donkey Kong

If you know the DK rap and want to relive it in the real world then this deluxe version of the Donkey Kong costume is for you. While you may need to find some gloves to go with it the rest of the costume is simply perfect including the huge mask. This costume is available at a few different price points depending on the detail you want and even comes in kids sizes to dress up your little one with.

More fun

Remember that Amazon also sells costume tees and dresses if you don’t want to fully dress up. These clothing items are cheap and can be worn casually throughout the year. Some of the most popular include Zelda skater dresses and Spartan Armor shirts for men. There are also cheap kigurumis of Spyro and several Pokemon available for those who are looking to keep warm on Halloween night.

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