Humble Bundle Savings For a Cause

You might have noticed that the newest Trend in gaming is mostly PC related. Many gamers who were once console only fans have Incorporated high-powered laptops and desktop computers into their setup. This means platforms like Steam and GOG have seen a huge jump in sales. Many of these new consumers have hopped aboard things like the seasonal Steam sales that offer huge discounts on games during portions of the year. If you’re a new pc player or someone just hunting deals then you may be looking for a little bit more than just a few seasonal sales. This is where Humble Bundle comes in to save the day.

What is Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle ds a site that works with various Publishers to put out game bundles for cheap. Bundles are usually released weekly or bi-weekly meaning there’s always something new to check out each week. There is even a newsletter you can sign up for to let you know when new bundles are going on sale. This is a great way to beef up your library with new games. This is also a great way to find games you may not have heard of before that are considered to be hidden gems. The bundles often work with indie developers that may give you the chance to try out under the radar titles you begin to love.

The best part of all of this is that the proceeds go to charity. You can even pick where your proceeds and how much of them go to each place. This means that you can choose to give absolutely none of the profits to the Publishers and only pay your selected charity. Some bundles do have targeted Charities, while others will let you pick from a list. It’s all up to the cause and the company putting out the bundle. This means that you can feel a little bit better about purchasing these games and it’s a great way to give back each month or week.

For console gamers, there are also console based bundles from time to time. Much like the Steam bundles, you will be given redeemable codes for the console store that’s on sale. These are pretty rare in comparison to the other bundles but will pop up from time to time. In some cases, they may be multi platform like PS4 and PS3 combined together making them a good deal for those who own both. In the most recent console bundle, you could pay $1 to own Evolve for the PS4 digitally along with a few PS3 games. Keep your eyes peeled on gaming site for the announcement of these special sales!

Deal Seekers Paradise

Humble Bundle is a great way to find great deals for anyone looking to save a little bit of money while filling up their game library on Steam. This means that you can still be uptight with money while still netting a pretty good amount of entertainment from each bundle. Of course, if you’re feeling generous you can also donate larger sums of money to each project. The main way this works is their are different tiers you can pay for. Each contains different games that you can purchase by paying the tiers fee. By paying the minimum amount to unlock each tier you will get all games contained within that set amount of money. If you choose to go to the second tier then you will get all the games contained within the first and the second tier. If you decide to pay for the largest tier than you will get everything included in the bundle.

Generally, the tiers will start out at about one dollar. afterward, they will go up depending on the medium people are paying for each one. Generally, you can expect to see the top tier to your be somewhere around the $15 range. This means their is a set price for most bundles which can contain between 8 to 15 games and you will only pay a general maximum of $15. Once paid you can make a Humble Bundle account to store your steam keys which you can then either use yourself or give away as a gift. This means that even if you get games you don’t want you can give them away to friends who may be interested in the titles or you can save you in the long run for holidays and birthdays.

If you’re more into technology than games Humble Bundle also occasionally puts out software bundles that contain all types of useful programs. These programs are great for people who work in the programming fields or enjoy photoshopping. At times they even put out bundles for making your own video games which generally cost hundreds of dollars if purchased away from the sale. This can also be a huge help to anyone still in college who’s looking to further their career and get a step ahead of their classmates.

Even More Savings

If the bundles themselves aren’t enough to keep you busy then also check out Humble monthly. Humble monthly is like a virtual subscription box full of games. When you pay each month you will automatically get the featured game, generally, it’s a triple A title or smash hit indie game. Then once the month is up you get even more game keys delivered to your account. Each month is guaranteed to be over $100 in values. The total cost for each month is only just $12. You can also easily cancel from your account anytime in case you don’t think this month will be games you’re necessarily that into.

There is also Humble Bundles on the store to look into. The humble store often has sales for the titles it can’t fit into its super cheap bundles. This means that you can get high profile games like The Witch 3 Complete Edition for a fraction of their cost. The store has also been known for giving away free games to anyone who happens across the site. That’s right, completely free with no purchase required! Also, be sure to check out the book and mobile sections of the site to see if there are any ebooks you may be interested in reading.

Jessica has been working with the gaming industry for about two years now. She enjoys playing quirky Japanese games and learning about the newest trivia in the industry. When not working with games you may find her chilling with her naked cat Prince Noko... he's pretty cool we guess.