New Destiny 2 Console Bundle Deals

Destiny 2 just released this past week and I have to say that I have been insanely impressed with this sequel. With the anticipation of the game’s release, there have been an amazing number of preorders to boost its success. However, if you didn’t preorder the game and are in the market for a new console, Amazon has some great deals on Destiny 2 bundles for both Xbox and PS4.

Xbox One S Bundle

For you Xbox fans out there, you’ll find a great deal on a Destiny 2 Xbox One S bundle on Amazon right now. The bundle comes with a white 500GB Xbox Box One S, an Xbox One wireless controller, HDMI cable, 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial, the power cords and, of course, Destiny 2 for Xbox.

The Xbox One S Destiny 2 bundle on Amazon is $294.13 and Prime eligible, meaning you can get it within just a couple of days if you have Amazon Prime. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, I highly recommend it. Aside from the free shipping that you get from Amazon items, you also get free Kindle books, tons of movies and TV shows and more. You can check out Amazon Prime here if you don’t have it currently.

PS4 Bundle

If you’re more of a PlayStation fan, don’t worry. Amazon has you covered as well with the PS4 Destiny 2 bundle. This bundle comes with the white 1 TB PS4, a wireless PS4 controller, power cord and Destiny 2 video game. If you order Destiny 2 on the PS4, you also get access to some special items, such as bonus content that you will have access to before other players on other consoles.

The PS4 Destiny 2 bundle is $449.99 on Amazon and is also Amazon Prime eligible.

Protection Plans

Both bundles offer optional protection plans that will cover any hardware issues in the consoles. (Make sure that you read everything that it covers and doesn’t cover so you’re aware of any problems.)

Trade Ins

Amazon also offers a trade in deal if you have other consoles that you don’t play any longer. You can easily get a chunk off a new console by trading in older consoles, games, controllers and so on. One of the cool things about Amazon is that it will automatically pull up previous purchases that you’ve made on the site to show you exactly what you would get if you traded that particular item in.

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