New Minecraft Themed Xbox One S Released for Pre-Order

For you Minecraft lovers out there, Xbox has finally decided you’re worthy of your own limited edition console. Here’s all you’ll want to know about the new Minecraft themed Xbox One S:

Microsoft has launched a 1TB Xbox One S in complete Minecraft style. The console has a custom designed grass block that really does look good. Maybe it’s the pixels that fit with the squareness of the console, or maybe it’s just that they did a great job with the colors – either way, I love it. It also comes with a sweet wireless Creeper controller, Minecraft already installed and the Redstone Pack (which is a cool collection of skins if you aren’t familiar with the pack). The console stands upright so you can get the full effect of the grass block and has Minecraft system sounds as well.

The preorders for the Minecraft console have already begun and will go until it launches on October 3, 2017. (If you’re in the Brazilian or Chinese markets, the dates for the launch are different and you can find them on the Microsoft post here.) The custom console will set you back $399, however, if you are a huge Minecraft fan – or know someone who is – this also would make a great holiday gift.

For those that don’t want to shell out the $399, you can always grab the Creeper controller separately, it retails for $74.99. There is also a Pig controller that will be coming out with when the Creeper controller is released on September 5, 2017, on Microsoft and Target’s web sites. They will release at other stores on September 12, 2017. The Pig controller will also be $74.99.

If you’re ready to preorder a Minecraft console, you can do it at or you can pre-order it through Microsoft did not say if there would be a limited number of these consoles for pre-order or for the holiday season, so if you’re ready to grab one, you need to do it before they are gone.

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