Nintendo Reveals Tons of News

Last week was a treasure trove for use pertaining to Nintendo. We have seen several new trailers from upcoming games and lots of new information be released. We have release dates of games like Xenoblade and more information for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon sequels. On top of that, we have even seen several announcements for new games making their way onto the switch from third-party companies. So, what all has Nintendo been up to this week and what can we expect in coming months?

Mario Odyssey

One of the most exciting announcements was more news for the game Mario Odyssey. Mario Odyssey is being made by the same director that was in control of Super Mario Sunshine for the Nintendo GameCube. This alone has had many Nintendo fans even more excited for this title than any of the Mario titles in recent years. Back at E3 when we got our first real Glimpse of the title you could really see the director’s influence in the gameplay and art direction. During the latest Nintendo Direct, we got a lot more info and even a new trailer that revealed more details about the world of Odyssey. We’re even getting a switch bundle that comes with the game for the holiday season.

With its release just around the corner in October, Mario Odyssey appears to be the game Super Mario fans have been dreaming of for years. In the trailer more was revealed about Cappy and the reason he’s following Mario around a strange land. As it turns out Bowser has kidnapped both Princess Peach and Cappy’s sister, now it’s up to Mario to save both of them before Bowser and Peach’s wedding can proceed. Mario has been granted use of Cappy’s powers and can take control of enemies and possess their powers somewhat like Kirby. This means that there will be a ton of new powers and play Styles throughout the game for players to explore. In fact, in the E3 trailer, it was even shown that you could take control of a Dino.

It is also shown that you will be traveling all over the world of the Mushroom Kingdom to new places. Amiibos we’re also shown to be able to help players find the location of the power moves help them progressed throughout the story. The existence of mini games was also shown as well as the hat shop. There will also be an ability to capture photos much like in Smash Bros for you to share with your friends. There is also an option to dress Mario in different costumes to play through the game with. The game has also shown the return of a lot of fan-favorite characters like Dorri the plesiosaur that first appeared in Super Mario 64. the release date for this game is currently set for October 27th meeting we don’t have much longer to wait before we actually get to explore this new setting.

Pokemon News

For anyone who missed the announcement at E3, we are getting Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon this year. These games feature all new elements and story pieces for the Alola region as well as some new monsters for you to collect. In the newest trailer, we get to see a little bit more about the changes that have happened to the games. Up until this point and hasn’t really been clear what exactly Ultra sun and Ultra moon were going to be. This trailer clears up some of the confusion and points more to them being a retelling than a sequel to Black and White We also get to see a little bit of footage from some new areas in the game.

The trailer reveals the existence of a new legendary that is said to steal light from things around it. This Pokemon ends up fusing with the legendaries from Sun and Moon and the main character has to find a way to stop it. Well, this isn’t completely the first time we’ve seen fusions in the Pokemon franchise, however, it will be interesting to see how exactly the new legendaries will be registered in the Pokedex. On top of this, there will be new Ultra beasts added in, so far one has been revealed for each game. UB Assembly a stone tower looking Ultra Beast and will be available in Ultra Moon. The other Ultra beast that will be available in Sun is named Ub Burst and resembles a circus clown.

It is also revealed in certain parts of the games stories will be changed like for instance the way you encounter your starter Pokemon. There will be new fashion options for you to explore which should make up for the lack of them in the first iterations of the game. A few different locations were shown and talked about in the video such as a beach full of surfers and a Pikachu forest. it looks as though that these games will be a better-structured retelling of sun and moon story with added features in. You will be able to pick them up on November 17th and come with 12 quick balls if pre-ordered on the E-shop.

If all this wasn’t enough Pokemon Gold and Silver went live after the direct last week. It was revealed that if you bought them you would get a Celebi to us in Sun and Moon. A new Pokeball themed 3DS will also be launching along with the games in September and if you purchase Ultra Sun and Moon by January 17th you will be given a special Rockruff with a special move set.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Xenoblade has grown it to a massively popular Nintendo franchise in the last few years with a unique world and RPG elements. The first part of the new trailer focuses on explaining the political layout of the world to players. It seems that there are a lot of opposing provinces in the game that will influence the path of the story. Players should take note of where each one stands to fully grasp what exactly is going on around you. The game revolves around the world falling into turmoil over the legendary blade. Each different faction has their own belief as to what should be done with the blade causing conflicts to arise throughout the story.

It is also revealed that the world lives on the backs of Titans. Titans are giant living beans who each have a different layout to them. They all have different inner workings and landscapes you can explore, as well as monsters to defeat. The main protagonist starts off on a smaller titan who helped raise him referred to as gramps. Gramps reveals the main character’s name to be Rex and reveals that he worked as a scavenger til he met a girl he wanted to impress. His adventure begins we he decides to escort the girl to Elysium. Gramps also helps explain how the titan’s bodies are different from each other and help narrate the inner workings of the game in the trailer.

The next segment starts to explain the battle system and how it will work in Xenoblade 2. The system will revolve around blades that can be awakened to help you in battle. These blades will aid you by giving you different abilities and three can be taken into battle at once. There are, of course, attackers, healers, and defenders that will all support you when called on. You will need to be prepared to switch things up rather commonly to succeed in battle. As you battle you will also build specials that build in level as you battle and can unleash powerful attacks! Remember to keep your parties members balanced with blades as well.

Xenoblade 2 will be released in two versions a normal and collectors. The collectors will feature the soundtrack, a steel case, and an art book. There will also be a special Xenoblade themed controller released along with the game as well. The official release date was revealed to be December 1st. As of right now the game and both its versions are available for pre-orders at retailers across the country.

Project Octopath Traveler

This is a new RPG coming to Nintendo Switch by Square Enix. The game features huge focuses on the fact that you will be allowed an infinite number of different choices throughout the game. You will be able to choose from 8 different travelers that will all affect the world in different ways according to their unique traits. Each protagonist has different goals as well that you will have to figure out how you want to reach…or er not reach if you so choose to be distracted.

The games strange art style is being called HD 2D and has the feeling of a classic Rpg title. The world is drawn in a very Square Enix like style making the fantasy elements pop like only they could. The character model is all chibi styled meaning they don’t generally appear fully drawn even when in combat. Nonetheless, everything in the game looks gorgeous and the game keeps itself from feeling old even with its chosen pixel art style.

The battle system will also be a simple turn-based system that anyone can get into. It has basic attacks and magic that will affect the flow of battles. In addition, you can sometimes drag party member that you have acquired into the battles to help you out. Watch what choices you make throughout the game through your reputation can be affected by certain actions making some social situations a little bit harder or easier for you depending on your play style.

This game’s demo has already launched for you to try it out on the e-shop as well as additional trailers. It will have a simultaneous world release in 2018 for the Switch. By playing the demo Square Enix is inviting you to help give feedback through a pole on the game. They want to help craft a unique experience for the players and make an immersive Rpg that takes players in a whole new playstyle.

More Mario, More Third Parties, More Surprises!

Nintendo also announced a collection of the top 100 Mario Party minigames in a 3Ds compilation. This compilation lets up to four players play using the download play feature on the 3DS. It doesn’t appear to have any type of board game mode to it and will probably only be focused on the mini-games themselves. This game will be released on November 10th and retail for 39.99. Interestingly enough in the game’s description on Gamestop, it is being hailed as a couch co-op experience meaning it probably won’t have any online play.

While we’re on the topic of couch co-op games let’s talk about Snipperclips Plus. Snipperclips was a multiplayer Switch launch game that was only available through the E-shop. This game has you and your partner lineup shapes using the joycons and work together to cut yourself into different creations. The updated version of the game will feature 2 new worlds to explore, a four-player battle blitz mode, and you can now replay modes with random shapes to up the difficulty of solving puzzles. This game will be available on November 10th and players who own the original can buy the plus mode as DLC on the E-shop.

Extra trailers for the Kirby Battle Royal game and Fire Emblem warriors were both shown off as well. Nintendo has done a great job of packing this direct with first-party announcements and footage. Also, it has been announced that more Third party support will be making its way to the Switch. Rockstar recently announced that they are putting L.a. Noire on the Switch meaning hopefully we will eventually see bigger titles like GTA and Red Dead make their way to Nintendo console as well.

If all this news isn’t your thing, but retro Nintendo is then you should be excited too! Nintendo has announced that next summer they will be printing a limited stock of the NES Classics to sell through retailers. That means that even if you missed out on the first run you now have one more shot to get your hands on one of these rare machines. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more pre-orders of the SNES classic as well as it launches at the end of this month.

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