Pokemon Gold Silver, Fanbase Favorites, Are Coming Back!

Pokemon Gold and Silver are re-releasing on the e-shop this month for fans to enjoy all over again. Pokemon Gold and Silver are still held as being one, if not the best set of Pokemon games to ever come out. These games came at the height of the Pokemon fandom and captured fans heart all over again. They were praised for improving upon the formula of the first set of games and adding in newly beloved creatures to collect.They have even had remakes for the DS named Heartgold and SoulSilver which are two of the most expensive games you can buy due to their popularity.

This article is here to look into the reasons these games are known as the fan favorites. With an amazing region and new set of Pokemon Gen 2 was a landmark in gaming history. The games even brought forth some interesting features that paved the way for future game technology. So, just why are these two games still held so high?

Why These games Where Iconic

Initially, there were only supposed to be a few games in the Pokemon series.The team expected Pokemon Gold and Silver to be the last games to come out. This of course definitely did not happen but, at the time of development, the games were made with this notion.Thanks to this there is a lot of extra that is put into these games. Some fans will even argue that Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver are the best games to ever be put out by the Pokemon Company.

One of the Greatest inventions of Gold and Silver is the new region of Johto. Johto Is an especially well-put-together mix of Pokemon environments. This means that the map for the game is exceptionally good at placing the creatures in areas where they most fit in. The whole region of Johto also has a lot of backstory to it getting the fans more involved in the story. The region itself is very rich in the lore, yet keeps a traditional Japanese feel to it. Even the Pokemon themselves sometimes rival the first generation of Monsters Among fans in popularity contests. The second set of Pokemon where a lot of Creations that were left out of the first original games. This means that a lot of fans latch on to them and quickly warmed up to their addition the series.

Another big contributor to these games popularity was the hunt for legendaries. Like Mew in the first game, there were a lot of Pokemon that were a complete mystery in this generation. The community went crazy trying to figure out how to get these beasts and even what the Unown we’re referring to in the games puzzle. The task of capturing the three legendary dogs was also very memorable due to its difficulty. Whenever a player would get close to a dog it would immediately try to run away, and that was if you could even locate it fast enough on the map to engage in battle. This presented a very special challenge for anybody trying to collect all the Pokemon in the games.

Pokemon Fever

Around this time Pokemon fever had really started to take off in the United States. Pokemon had gone from an obscure game to being a pop culture phenomenon. This meant that virtually any store you went in was selling Pokemon goods and kids were going completely crazy over them. You could even find Pokemon breakfast cereals and Pop-Tarts in your grocery aisle. on top of that, just with the first set of games, there were already 151 of these creatures to Market to children.This hit the mark for helping make Pokemon in the extremely collectible franchise.

The anime had also started airing bringing the kids who didn’t even play games into the series. The First movie had also aired with amazing box office numbers even capturing the hearts of some adults. In some ways, Pokemon was one of the first International franchises from Japan to hook on so well with overseas audiences. Nintendo itself was even surprised at the reception that this series had started to get around the world. So, when gold and silver launched we saw a vast increase in the sale of the games. This meant that there was a whole new market coming into video games and gaming was starting to be commonplace for children.

New Features

One of the biggest things that Pokemon fans refer to with the newer Generations is how Gold and Silver let you return to Kanto after beating the game This was a course due to the fact that Gamefreak predicted this to be the last games of the series and they wanted to go out with a bang. Nevertheless, this proved to fans that multiple regions would be easily done if the company wanted to go through with it. This also paved the way for being best post some of the best post-game content that has ever been found in the medium..

On top of basically having two games in one, there were tons of new features added in that players enjoyed. Gold and Silver saw the introduction of the daycare system where players could pair Pokemon to get eggs. This caused many people to experiment around til they figure out just what could go together in the day care. On top of that, the daycare could raise the level of your Pokemon making it a win-win for anybody who wanted to breed. This also helped popularize Ditto who could mate with any other Pokemon.

Next, we had the introduction of being able to save trainers numbers. This allowed trainers to call you randomly and sometimes even in the worst possible instances to request battles. This meant that you would never run out a Pokemon battles like you did in the first set of games. You also have the option to call your mom and use her to help build up money by depositing your funds like she was a bank. There’s also gives a unique story aspect as characters could call you to update you on information making the world feel much more connected.

If that’s not enough we also saw the introduction of things like the bug catching contest. This was a special event that took place on certain days of the real-time week where you could catch rare bugs. This was a timed event kind of like the Safari Zone in which you had to find and capture the biggest bug Pokemon you could in order to win. You could also choose to keep this Pokemon after the contest. There were also several other timed events that went off of your real world clock. Meaning depending on what day you loaded up Pokemon different events are going on throughout the world for you to partake in.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features to me was the fact you could decorate your room. These games gave you a space to customize with plushies and other things you found around the region. But, the cool thing about this was you could get a lot of interesting items from putting your game into your Nintendo 64 Controller. Once a day you could do a mystery gift from Pokemon Stadium 2 that would give you exclusive items you couldn’t get in the game. This is one of the first times we ever saw a cross-platform system like this and was truly an interesting step in gaming history.

Some of The Best Moments in The Franchise

Some of the arguably best moments are also contained in Gold and Silver. The story itself shows the iconic end to Team Rocket. It also is the only game where you rival walks a moral gray line and has a pretty dark backstory. On top of that, the lore of the game world itself actually gets pretty dark at times taking the series in a surprisingly more mature route than the happy go lucky adventure of Red through Kanto. Just the story of Ho-oh being pushed away from humans is enough to make most fans tear up.

Gold and Silver also feature the first appearance of a shiny Pokemon. This, of course, is in reference to extremely sought-after and popular Red Gyarados. This Pokemon even came with his own backstory and was one of a kind just like the legendaries. He could be found in the Lake of Rage which is now one of the most memorable areas for gamers. There also was the whole bit about eating Slowpoke tells which has stuck around today. You can even find fans selling key chains made to look like cut-off tails around the internet.

The games also feature one of the most popular fights in the series as the climax. At the end of your Kanto adventure, you can visit Silver Cave. In this cave, you will find the main protagonist from the first set named Red. All of his team is extremely well trained and hard to beat. The theme music for this battle is also featured in many popular Pokemon themed videos on Youtube due to its memorable setting.

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