Bioware Focused on Anthem with the Work on Next Dragon Age Currently on Hold


While the official release date of Anthem, the next blockbuster title from Bioware, is slated for 2018, the game won’t see the light of day until spring 2018. And while the new Dragon Age title is confirmed, the work on it is on hold until Bioware finishes Anthem.

In a recent report published by Kotaku, you can read that Bioware became a “single-game studio,” with the majority of its staff working on Anthem, with the game being the biggest title ever for the Montreal and Austin-based development studio. Sources confirmed that the game won’t see the light of they this year, mostly because of the massive scope of the game, and the fact that it uses Frostbite engine, which proved to be a major problem for developers. At this time, the expected release date is early 2019.

Pushing back the release date also has to do with polishing the game, and trying to make the best product possible. Making the best game possible is very important to people working on the project because of the Mass Effect: Andromeda fiasco, the fact that EA is known for closing down game studios after they fail to deliver quality products (EA closed BioWare Montreal shortly after the release of ME Andromeda), and the many controversies and problems Destiny 2 is facing.

The game will have microtransactions and loot boxes, but it seems they will most surely involve cosmetics only.

As for the next Dragon Age game, there are some people working on the project, but the majority of the studio is working on Anthem, so we shouldn’t expect the new Dragon Age in the next couple of years. Basically, the next Dragon Age title is on hold until 2019. The game should stay story and single-player-focused, but will probably have more than one story DLC that will either prolong the main story or bring new ones.

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