Fortnite Sniper Shootout Is a Limited Time Event That Lets You Play with Snipers and Revolvers


Fortnite caught battle royale train at a perfect moment and became one of the most popular multiplayer titles of today. The game tries to shake things up from time to time with its limited time events, with the latest one being called Sniper Shootout, launching today and ending on February 2.

Epic Games announced Sniper Shootout earlier today in a post on the game’s subreddit page. The event lets you play just with snipers and revolvers (probably to be used indoors and for ultra-close encounters) along with all consumables sans grenades. If you’re good at killing people from a mile away, this is the perfect time to hop inside Fortnite and win some long-range games.

We expect YouTube and Twitch to be filled with super cool and exciting sniper takedowns during the next couple of days.

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