Latest PUBG Update Brings Changes to Starting Locations, Introduces a New Anti-Cheat Measure


Playeunknown’s Battlegrounds still has lots of stability problems, often resulting in huge lag spikes. These spikes are the most noticeable during the pre-match countdown when you along 99 other players do all kinds of crazy stuff while waiting for the match to start. Bluehole intends to rectify these pre-match performance problems with the newest patch.

The patch brings multiple starting locations in order to improve performance, both on client and server side. You will no longer hang out with the whole gang; instead, players will gather in multiple areas, making the game smoother. In addition to adding multiple spawn locations, developers also removed all weapons from starting locations. The changes work for both maps.

The second big announcement is that a new security measure will soon start testing on test servers. It is still in development and once live it should catch cheaters more efficiently. Developers noticed players that, during the testing phase of the new anti-cheat software, they might “experience compatibility issues during this test, which may cause crashes when starting the game.”

Other changes include new fonts for Russian, Japanese, And Chinese, as well fixing the issue “where players were able to slide-jump from prone.”

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