Multiple EA Confirmations Today


EA unveiled lots of interesting info today. The three most important bits include Anthem being officially delayed to 2019, a new Battlefield game that’s coming this October, and the return of “in-game sales” to Battlefront II.

In a recent report by the Wall Street Journal Blake Jorgensen, EA CFO stated that Anthem is officially pushed back to Q1, 2019, confirming the earlier report about the game’s delay. The reason? Well, it seems EA don’t want for the game to compete with the next Battlefield game, which is set for October 2018. The publisher believes that Anthem will perform better if being released during a less popular quarter.

“It’s not a delay,” Jorgensen explained, “People are trying to create a story.” He also denied previous Kotaku report, which claimed that the reason for the delay is development problems. What’s interesting is that EA didn’t advise Respawn to delay the release of Titanfall 2, which got out between Battlefield 1 and CoD: Infinite Warfare, and got its sales numbers destroyed by the two multiplayer behemoths. In the end, EA bought Respawn along with all Titanfall-related intellectual property. The price was probably lower because of the weak Titanfall 2 sales. Coincidence?

And finally, microtransactions will return to Battlefront II, “in the next few months,” according to Jorgensen. The game ended with more than humble (for a title of this size and popularity) 9M sold units during the holiday quarter, lower than EA’s own humble 10M projection. Maybe the updates to the game’s progression system DICE recently announced will leave loot boxes out of the equation, just in time for the return of microtransactions? Because, if progression system stays the same, and microtransactions return, gamers will burn the game on a stake and EA will have yet another Battlefront II-related fire to put down.

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