New Cheats Surface in PUBG

Playeruknown’s Battlegrounds
Playeruknown’s Battlegrounds

Playeruknown’s Battlegrounds is the most popular game in the world at the moment with millions of players from all over the world trying to survive and earn their chicken dinner. But the game is swarmed with cheaters, with the latest footage coming from one Reddit user.

As you can see in the video below, the cheat in question allows players to revive their teammates during squad matches instantly, as well as to momentarily heal, as shown near the end of the video. While this isn’t combined with aimbots and wall-hacks, insta-reviving and super-fast healing can give you a massive advantage over other players.

If your browser cant play webm video you can watch it here.

According to one comment, the cheat isn’t new, and it has been in the wild for months, just adding to the already huge number of ways you can cheat your way to victory in PUBG. The situation with cheaters in PUBG is getting ridiculous despite Bluehole trying to find new ways to remove a large number of cheaters from the game. If they want to keep the game’s popularity as high as it is right now, they better find better ways to identify and remove all those who think that cheating your way to victory is a legit way to play the game.

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