PUBG Update Brings Improvements To Miramar Map, Updates Replay System


Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is getting another update that should make the game’s desert map less boring and more attractive to players. The reason for doing so is because the new map isn’t really cherished by players. In comparison to the original one, Miramar features to much open space, not enough buildings, and is less varied than Erangel, making it less attractive of the two.

There’s even a tutorialon the game’s subreddit that shows how to delete Miramar files, making the game to return to the title screen in case the game is set in Miramar. This way you can play just Erangel. Something similar happened in Rocket League when players deleted Wastelands files because the stadium was pretty unpopular.

Anyway, the patch adds more buildings and cover all across Miramar, resulting in a better engagement experience. Also, you now have more off-road routes across the desert for easier navigation, and some Miramar areas will now spawn better loot (the map is known for giving you crappy gear when landing in certain areas).

Other stuff coming with patch includes an updated replay system along with fixing a number of bugs. The most significant bug fix disables heal and boost items from being used while underwater. Sadly, new replay system means you won’t be able to play old replay files. Also, the new anti-cheat solution is coming along nicely, with it being applied to the test servers. The solution is still in test phase so expect potential crashes if playing on test servers.

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