Star Wars Battlefront Ii Will Get a Revamped Progression System

Star Wars Battlefront II
Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II got hit pretty seriously thanks to its progressions system that’s tied to loot boxes. Profits were lower than expected with sales numbers being underwhelming. DICE tried to remedy the situation by removing microtransactions, but the flawed progression system stayed, keeping gamers away from the title. This soon could change with the game finally getting a progression system that won’t rely on RNG loot boxes.

In their latest blog post, DICE talked about the end of the first season where players had the chance to fight on the side of the Resistance and the First Order with the later faction ending up as winners. Aside from talking about the numbers and various statistics, developers touched other topics.

And one of those topics was letting players know that DICE is working on a revamped progression system. According to the blog post, DICE are “preparing significant changes to progression that will address many of the things we’ve seen players asking for,” with more info coming in March.

Other noticeable news includes the release of a new game mode called Jetpack Cargo where teams of eight compete “in Jetpack Cargo, a frantic, fast-paced way to play,” which comes in February and which will be available for a limited time. Also, the game will get a new content season soon.

So, will we finally see the game cutting its ties with loot boxes, at least when it comes to getting new skills, powers and weapons? Will Battlefront II introduce an XP-based progressions system, or will developers just make the current one more accessible? We will see in a couple of months.

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