5 Things Far Cry 5 Should Have If It Wants to Become the Best Title of the Series

Far Cry 5
Far Cry 5

Ubisoft realized a few things in the past couple of years, things like the fact that yearly sequels aren’t a thing unless you publish Call of Duty, that your games can flourish if they have strong post-release support, and that you should listen to the fans. The results followed, with Rainbow Six Siege becoming one of the best multiplayer shooters, and Assassin’s Creed Origins becoming (by many) the best title of the entire series. I still think that Assassin’s Creed 2 is still sitting on the throne, but Origins can be considered a close second.

And with the success of the last couple of Ubisoft titles, a question arises. Can the French publisher make something special out of Far Cry 5, an experience capable of replacing Far Cry 3 as the best game of the entire Far Cry franchise? It can, but it has to offer plenty of features, features we will talk about today.

So, what elements Far Cry 5 has to offer in order for it to take down Far Cry 3 from the throne?

Weapons trader from Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 weapons trader
Far Cry 2 weapons trader

Far Cry 2 was a good game, except for the fact that literally, everyone on the map wanted to kill you. Back then you couldn’t take sides with one faction, and the only place you were secure was the central town, which was turned into a neutral zone by the two warring factions.

The game also had the best weapon trader ever. You could get new weapons and once bought, it would be always available inside the trading building. New weapons could be acquired by completing special missions, most of which were extremely fun.

We would like to see something similar in Far Cry 5. It would be so much better to earn new weapons by destroying convoys and stealing weapon shipments. Also, it would be very cool if the game features the semi-auto grenade launcher from Far Cry 2, one of the best weapons of the entire series. And let’s not forget the mechanic that made weapons to wear off and become rusty, jamming in the middle of a gunfight and making you visit the trader to get new and shiny ones because enemies usually wore rusty and old weapon pieces, that would break after a couple of intense gunfights.

Races, and lots of them

Far Cry 5 races
Far Cry 5 races

Since Far Cry 5 introduces big rigs and planes to the series’ open world formula, we would like to see more races. And instead them being a simple pastime, why not creating different divisions and competitions where you can get money and fame?

It could all start with ATV races across the beautiful forests and mountains and once you get enough wins you could advance to the next level, where you can drive muscle cars. And trucks could be used for demolition derby-like races filled with exploding canisters and different obstacles that can be destroyed with trucks. So, you would let your opponents take down obstacles, losing their momentum and letting you replace them on the front. And from then on you have to be careful not to destroy every single obstacle in order to slow down your enemies.

And races could also feature special elements that, once destroyed, slow down your enemies, like we saw in Need for Speed games. Different leagues would bring different prizes, with some even giving you special weapons not available at weapons trader. And finally, plane races could be designed like Red Bull air races, with crazy courses and faster-than-light pace. This would make the game even more fun and over-the-top experience, something that every Far Cry game should aim for.

Randomly generated missions

Imagine you are driving through the serene Montana dirt road and suddenly see a truck driving like crazy past you with people screaming for help inside it. You naturally start chasing the truck, and once you kill the driver and other cultist found inside you set free a mother and her child. She tells you that her husband is being held in some outpost as a prisoner and that the only one knowing his exact location is a local cultist leader, who can be found in a nearby outpost.

This could make taking down outposts fun again. Instead of just reaching a random fort, killing everyone found inside, the player could instead have a proper reason for invading it. And in the case the mission asks for the player to get info from the outpost’s leader, it could mean no kills until you reach the leader and beat him until he tells you where the husband is. And only then you can start killing everyone inside, or the game could make that killing the leader means others would just flee in fear. Taking down an outpost with one bullet could motivate players to take stealth, not lethal approach and to improvise more. And ultimately, have more fun.

Randomly generated missions could make Far Cry a game where you don’t know which adventure is next in line. Instead of convoys and similar stuff from previous games that were periodically shown on the map, along with routes and stuff, the missions we talk about would find you instead you reaching them. With them, every field trip would be different. Maybe once you locate the father, he could tell you about huge weapon storage held by cultists, and once you make the storage explode, weapons trader would call offering you a special weapon. You see, with missions like these, Far Cry 5 would be a joy to play because you would never know what you might find while trekking across Hope County.

Evocative moments, crazy missions and memorable characters

Far Cry 3: Docs home
Far Cry 3: Docs home

Far Cry 3 was so good because the game was filled with moments that would immediately be stored inside your long-term memory. Remember burning pot fields, with Make it Bun Dem playing in the background? Yup, the mission was taken from GTA San Andreas, but still, it was one of the best moments found in any game. Or that awesome mission that started with you infiltrating the enemy base, silently killing soldiers while climbing up, with the mission finale including setting mines on both ends of a bridge while enemy forces approach, with you jumping into the abyss with your wingsuit opening while the bridge explodes along with all vehicles and enemies on it? Those two missions were phenomenal experiences, and I still remember them, many years after completing the game.

And the game had lots of memorable characters. We all remember Vaas Montenegro, the psycho who was one of the best villains ever. Or the crazy CIA agent who you worked for, and who made you do some completely over-the-top stuff. Or the Doc, a crazy doctor who makes drugs and sells them to everyone for a living, and who sent you on some pretty psychedelic experiences.

You see, Far Cry 3 just brimmed with atmosphere and cool moments and characters, stuff you remember even today without having to consult Google for details. This is one of the strongest parts of the game, and if Far Cry 5 wants to stay in our minds five years from now, the game should have memorable missions and well-written characters capable of grabbing the player’s attention. And also capable of making the game an extraordinary experience and not just another stale and boring open world adventure.

Quality DLC packs

Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars
Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars

The final piece of the formula for every excellent game is post-launch support. If a game is fun to play, gamers want to experience new missions and to have more fun with it. While Far Cry 3 didn’t offer solid DLC packs, the game was used as a base for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, one of the best standalone expansions of all time. Laser-wielding dinosaurs, mad scientists, retro-future inspired by SF flicks from the 80’s, and top of the line action was so good that the game ended up being almost better than Far Cry 3.

And we have to say that, at least in this department, Far Cry 5 looks like it might offer superb experiences. Ubisoft announced three-part DLC Season Pass, and it looks like we might get expansions that could match Blood Dragon. While the one set in Vietnam looks interesting, the other two look way more exciting.

You will be able to fight zombies in a co-op expansion that looks like it came out from an 80’s zombie apocalypse movie, and you will also fly to Mars and while there, try stopping the alien arachnid horde made out of giant spiders from Mars. Yes, it sounds like the name of the song from David Bowie, and it looks like the adventure could top Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. We can’t wait for DLC packs to start coming out because they could prove to be even better than the base game.

And let’s mention one more thing that should really be removed from the game. Yes, we talk about towers, which were fun to climb on in Far Cry 3, and turned into a chore in Far Cry 4. Just remove them Ubisoft, and place something else, anything else. We hate to reveal the map by climbing on towers, it is still fun doing it in Assassin’s Creed because of parkour, but it should disappear from all other open world games made by Ubisoft.

We know Far Cry 5 won’t bring all these things, but if some of them find their way into Far Cry 5, the game could, if not topping the 3, at least end up being placed on the second place, right next to the crazy fun Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. We shall see how good Far Cry 5 is at the end of March, when the game comes out for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

A psychologist turned freelance writer and reviewer, Goran is a hardcore gamer with more than twenty years of experience, and interested in all kinds of technology. He also likes Sci Fi novels and basketball.