Dota 2 Releases it's 2018 Spring Cleaning Patch

Dota 2
Dota 2

Dota 2 will start receiving more frequent patches. The game’s head developer and the man who launched MOBA genre, IceFrog, announced today that the game would start receiving small patches every two weeks instead of getting a couple of huge ones over the course of one year. But, before going with the new patch schedule, the game received its last big update that brings a plethora of changes.

“We want to try taking a different approach to how gameplay patches are released,” IceFrog explained. “Instead of big patches a couple of times a year, we’ll be releasing small patches every 2 weeks on Thursdays. We’ll be trying this out for about six months and then reevaluating.”

So, the new way of how patches are delivered isn’t final. The team will have six months to see how players react to receiving more frequent patches before deciding is the new way of delivering updates better than the current one.

Because there are players who don’t play the game on a daily, or weekly, basis, the team behind Dota 2 will release a neat feature that will “notify you of any recent changes to heroes in your match.” But, before the new update delivery system goes live, Dota 2 received the last big update called the Spring Cleaning 2018. It “has arrived to sweep in a slew of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements.”

New profile design
New profile design

The major changes include a redesigned player profile which now includes “many common feature requests, as well as some new features. Check out your latest match performance, show off the uniquely combined cosmetics you’ve chosen for your favorite heroes and personalize your profile by choosing any background from the catalog of loading screens you own.”

Next, the game now has gameplay changelog notifications, which we mentioned earlier in this article. It shows you any recent change to heroes in your match. The Last Hit Trainer will make your GPM better and can be found in the Learn tab. Those of you who show “an extreme frequency of negative behavior (feeding, abandoning, player abuse, etc),” will now take an automatic** 6-month matchmaking ban**. Players will now enjoy language-based matchmaking, trying to improve voice communication in-game. Now, \“your selected language is now a much greater factor when determining matchmaking.\”

Custom games now have dedicated server support, there’s a ready check button that helps in knowing is your party ready to enter the queue, and towers received a graphical update making them crumble as they receive damage. There are many more changes which you can check out by visiting the patch changelog page.

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