Ubisoft Reveals Operation Outbreak Details Along with Names of Two New Operators

Rainbow 6 Siege: Outbreak
Rainbow 6 Siege: Outbreak

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera is getting closer and with it the launch of the new “Outbreak” event. As we already know, the event is a co-op mode which puts players against infected residents of Truth or Consequences, a small town in New Mexico. Ubisoft revealed more details about the event today, along with the names of the two new playable operators.

Firstly, operation Outbreak will launch on TTS (test servers) on February 20 before being publicly launched on March 6. The event will last for four weeks in total, until April 3, and will enable players “to team-up with two of their friends to take on a mysterious threat.” The threat comes from outer space, and it crashed in a mysterious capsule. The capsule carries an extraterrestrial parasite called the Apex. The parasite quickly infected the town’s population, turning them into hideous monsters. It’s up to the members of the special Rainbow Six team to deal with the alien threat and prevent it from spreading to the rest of the world.


Outbreak brings new gameplay elements, two difficulty levels, and three new co-op maps. Co-op maps are bigger and more open than other Rainbow Six Siege maps but are also “more linear and feature a clear sense of progression.” Not all operators will be available to pick for the Outbreak. The development team decided to limit the number of available operators and to pick only those “who are the most adapted and relevant for this specific game mode, from a design standpoint.”

Two new Operation Chimera operators are Lion from France carrying is faithful drone, and Finka from Russia that uses self-dissolving nanobots. Those two will join forces with Glaz, Ash, Kapkan, Smoke, Ying, Buck, Doc, Tachanka, and Recruit and will try to stop the alien parasite before it breaks from the quarantine zone placed around Truth or Consequences. The event is free and will be available to all Rainbow Six Siege owners.

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