Five Things You Can Do to Support Las Vegas Shooting Victims

Las Vegas was struck with one of the deadliest mass-shooting events in modern American history. With 50 dead and more than 500 hundred injured, Americans are shaken, disturbed and fearful. But the tragedy hasn’t stopped people from giving their all to help victims and their families. While many are on the ground providing all the physical, emotional and mental support they can, others are using the Internet to show support, solidarity, and help. Here’s what you can do to help the victims of the Las Vegas Mass Shooting

1. GoFundMe Campaign

Right after the incident, online funding, social media support, and many other initiatives were launched for people to help victims. One of those initiatives, a GoFundMe campaign was launched by Steve Sisolak, the Clark County Commission Chair from Las Vegas to help victims. Within just 10 hours, the campaign was able to pull in nearly $2 million! The funds will be used by the county to provide relief and financial support to victims and their families.

2. Donate to Local Welfare Centers

Other donation accounts such as the National Compassion Fund was also used to provide support for survivors. In the wake of this tragedy, many people will also be suffering from severe post-traumatic disorders and may also not be able to afford mental health care. Supporters wishing to help can also donate to the Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada that provides mental and physical healthcare to the underprivileged. If you’re willing to donate blood, you can use the United Blood Services in Nevada to locate donation centers that are badly in need of O-negative blood donations. Similarly, the American Red Cross is also looking for blood donors, and you can book a blood donation appointment using their online service.

3. Use Facebook’s Support to Find for Help or Give Help

Facebook activated the Safety Check option for people in Las Vegas. If you’re searching for a friend, want to find help or want to give help, you can visit Facebook’s Crisis Response option and post your availability. For now, the Find Help option has generated posts of people needing water, clothing, volunteer work and most importantly transportation. Those who want to give help can start posting things they can help out with, and people will get in touch with them accordingly. Facebook’s crisis response is one of the best platforms you can use right now to actively be part of the support.

4. Petition for Gun Control

If you can’t do any of the above, you can petition for a gun control by using the Americans for Responsible Solutions email template to ask friends and family to advocate for gun control and contact their legislative officials. Alternatively, you can use social media hashtags and themed profile pictures to show support for gun control laws. There are a number of online petitions, some global, some local which you can sign up for to ask Congress to take immediate action to improve gun control measures.

5. Practice Responsible Journalism

Practice responsible citizen journalism and refrain from spreading false stories, hoaxes or anything that is not factual or verifiable. You should also avoid engaging with trolls, refrain from useless arguments and strive to spread responsible information whenever you can.

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