Most-Wanted Teenage Fugitive Posts Instagram Video, Ends Up Getting Arrested

This isn’t the first time a criminal has hit his foot with a hammer by exposing himself on social media. A few months ago, a man posted a live murder footage on Facebook and kills himself after a police chase. Now, recently too, a man on Texas’s list of 10 most-wanted lists was arrested on Tuesday after he posted a video of himself showing off arsenal weapons on Instagram.

Christopher Ricardo Gonzales, 18, was one of the most-wanted teen fugitives who is known to be affiliated with the Bloods street gangs and was accused of shooting Horace Davis, 54, last year. The police were still on the lookout for Christopher, but luckily for them, the teenager decided to play cool on social media only to end up getting arrested. The investigators used GPS coordinates associated with the Instagram video and used the information to track Christopher about 1,400 miles away in southern California.

Both these instances beg our attention to one important observation – criminals are in love with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. From posting a selfie on Snapchat with a victim to broadcasting a Facebook live rape assault to uploading a video of a murder, things are getting darker each day. Unlike criminals of yesteryears, criminals today crave attention. Why else would they put up dangerous content that could lead to their arrest? So why do criminals love social media so much to have themselves badly undone? We try to dig into the matter a bit.

Our instant response to matters as these would be, ‘they’re stupid.’ But it’s much more complicated than that. Crimes are usually committed by people who want to be heard, to be known, to be afraid of or to be powerful. This explains the phenomena of murderers in the past leaving their trademarks, their letters or their trails for the police to follow through. Nowadays though, communication and attention have reached a whole new level. So criminals tend to feel powerful and in control of the situation. They believe that they can broadcast the brutality or show off their weapons and their capacity to induce fear and obedience, they are actually powerful. They are committing a crime for an audience and boy do they love it. After all, criminals should have bragging rights too eh?

Little do these digitally naïve perpetrators know that social media is perhaps one of the most exposed and easily traceable platforms. In fact, for the police, catching a criminal via social media is a golden opportunity that they hardly ever miss. For fugitive teenagers like Christopher who have grown up in the digital age, using social media comes to them instinctively. They don’t really think about the consequences of showing off and somehow believe that being open about a crime makes it less bad.

In our world of social media sharing, there is tough competition between criminals and celebrities all showing off their glitz and glamour. But the next time you see a criminal bragging, do the world a favor and report the incident to the police as soon as you can. Avoid all interaction with the criminal and make sure your tip remains anonymous!

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