These are the Most Reliable Payment Apps Today

Until a few years ago, sending money internationally via the Internet was a pain. The fee amount, the deduction of taxes and the minor problems of out of location payment was a huge hindrance. PayPal was the only option that worked but only for people in selected countries. If you had to pay someone in say Philippines for some work, you could not do it any other way other than through a bank transfer or a credit card transfer, but that wasn’t an easy option. Fast forward to 2017, we now have plenty of payment services that help you transfer money from and to any country in the world with the most minimal amount of fees. The amount can be sent either as cash pickups or from card to account, card to card being the most common options. So if you’re looking for a reliable payment app to make international payments, choose from any of the following and you won’t be disappointed!

1. Transferwise

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Review Rating: 86.8%


  • Easy to use and initiate a transfer in 2.5 minutes
  • Affordable as compared to the costs charged by banks
  • High transfer limits


  • A two-step process where you send money to TW first and then it deposits to account
  • No live chat option

Transferwise is the most flexible payment options we have out there. Be it cash pickup, bank deposits or card to a bank account, you have it all in one place. Starting with a minimum amount of $1 and a maximum of $199,999 Transferwise is ideal for regular freelancers and entrepreneurs who need to receive payment from international clients. You get real exchange rates, cheaper transfer fees and quick money deposits. The receiver also has the option to either pick up cash or have it deposited directly into selected bank accounts. If you’re an entrepreneur who has to make payouts internationally, Transferwise is the best option other than PayPal.

2. World First Money Transfer

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Review Rating: 97.8%


  • Flat fee of $10 for $10,000 and onwards.
  • Strong exchange rates
  • Easy signup process


  • Minimum limit $1,000

Two-step money transfer process. Send to World First which will then send to the receiver.

World First tops the list with its 97% customer ratings, however, we place it second here because it has a few setbacks that limit its potential. A UK-based foreign exchange company that has expanded into international money payment service, World First provides services in 140 currencies to 45 countries. The sign-up process easy, the exchange rate competitive and the transfer fee low make World First a preferred payment option for many businesses and entrepreneurs. The only setback though is that you cannot transfer money below $1,000 which may be a problem for those who want to send weekly or bi-monthly payments to their contractors or employees.

3. OFX

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Review Rating: 90%


  • Supporting 55 major currencies
  • No transfer fees
  • Scheduling of transfers


  • No cash pick up options and only bank deposit
  • Lengthy verification process
  • Does not accept credit card or checks as payment options

OFX is the perfect choice for people who use bank deposits to send money. Although it doesn’t accept cash, credit card or checks as payment options, it works great if you want a bank to bank money transfer without having to pay hefty fees. It’s perfect for people who want to send money to family members the safe and secure way. Along with regular money transfer, you can also get in-depth setup, management and tracking of transfers as well as being able to view historical exchange rates. It has multiple business account options as well as personal account options for affordable, quick and effective money transfer. The only setback to using the service would be its verification process which you might not have a problem with if you don’t mind security verifications.

4. Xoom

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Android App:

Rating: 85%


  • Pay bills and mobile loads from anywhere in the world
  • Track transfers through mobile messages
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Network is pretty limited

Owned by PayPal, Xoom delivers money to 57 countries focusing on developing countries (aka countries that PayPal doesn’t officially work). Xoom allows the receiver to deliver money to a foreign bank account, or to a cash pickup unit and what’s best is you can also pay utility bills in other countries along with mobile loads too! So if you’re abroad and worried about the bills back home, Xoom can help you out.

5. Western Union

Rating: 80%




  • Trusted provider with 100 years of service
  • Worldwide network of more than 500,000 agents
  • Flexible Transfer options


  • Expensive transfer fees
  • Weak exchange rates

Western Union has been a popular money-sending service for the past 100 years. In fact, it was one of the only few ways people could send money from the US to over 200 countries worldwide. The only drawback was that the sender had to physically visit a WU outlet in order to send money. Well, all that has changed pretty much as the company has now adopted to mobile money transfer allowing receivers to receive money faster at an affordable transfer fee. Note though that WU is a tad bit more expensive than other payment options however because it has physical locations in all of these 200 countries, you can easily get customer support and help.

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