Intel Working on Its Own Discrete Graphics Solutions

As you probably know, Intel had to cooperate with AMD in bringing a competitive discrete GPU solution that could offer respectable gaming performance with Intel’s CPUs. Two companies managed to bring Intel mobile CPUs that come with AMD Vega graphics chips, and they do provide more than solid gaming performance. But long-term, Intel is trying to develop competitive discrete graphics solutions of their own, and we now have info that they will be ready in the next couple of years.

The two graphics chips are codenamed Arctic Sound and Jupiter Sound, and they are mentioned as the 12th and 13th generation of Intel’s discrete GPUs. Since the current Intel GPUs featured on Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake processors are considered as gen 9 and 9.5, with the upcoming Cannonlake CPUs coming with gen 10 GPUs, it is expected for the two mentioned chips to arrive sometimes during 2020, or even at a later date.

While there’s not much info regarding Arctic Sound and Jupiter Sound except that they are in the works, we do know that they are developed by no other than Raja Koduri, the former Chief Architect at AMD and the main person behind AMD’s graphics chips, who switched sides in 2017. This means that Intel does have someone capable of constructing capable GPU chips that should offer lots of power.

Aside from the names, it is also known that the GPU and CPU will be connected via EMIB (Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge), the same tech used on the new Intel CPUs with Vega graphics. This means that the two graphics chips will probably be offered along with CPUs as MCMs (multi-chip modules).

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