DrDisRespect Is Back, Setting a New Individual Streamer Viewer Count Record on Twitch

Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect

After a month-and-a-half-long hiatus, the famous Twitch streamer and one of the most popular faces of Twitch, DrDisRespect is back, managing to set a new individual streamer viewer record on the popular game streaming platform.


Doc has been away for about month and a half after he confessed to cheating on his wife during the live stream before he walked away from streaming in order to focus on his family. And he returned big style, winning his first PUBG game upon his return and managing to set a new twitch viewer record for an individual streamer with more than 387,000 concurrent viewers at one point. That was more than the previous record set by Tyler1, who managed to reach 382,000 viewers.


At the time of the writing, Doc has more than 118,000 viewers, and he currently plays PUBG along with Shroud. It looks like the two are having tons of fun. An interesting thing happened shortly after the stream started, with Twitch experiencing major problems. Some believe that DrDisRespect is the cause for problems because of the huge number of users who watched the stream, but it is worth noting that Twitch successfully managed to handle huge groups of viewers, like during the last E3 in 2017. Also, earlier today, hours before Doc returned, Twitch did have problems with pages breaking and chat not working on many streams.

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