Free-To-Play Games Took Almost 70 Percent of Pc Market in 2017 with PUBG Being the Year's Highest


SuperData, an analytics firm specializing in video games, published its annual financial report and it contains some interesting data.

The company’s year in review report (which can be downloaded for free) contains financial data for the highest grossing titles across mobile, PC, and console sectors. The whole interactive entertainment industry generated more than 108$ billion, out of which PC is on the second place with $33 billion in revenue. The mobile sector is first with $59 billion while consoles managed to generate $8.3 billion. What’s interesting is that eSports scene managed to generate $712 million and it should break the $1 billion mark in 2018.

As for the PC titles, the most successful premium title in 2017 was Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, which generated $714 million in revenue. Overwatch holds the second place with $382 million, and then we have CS: Global Offensive ($341 million), Destiny 2 ($218 million) and on the fifth place is GTA V, a game that’s almost three-years-old with $118 in revenue. Battlefield 1 is placed sixth with $113. Other titles didn’t break the $100 million barrier. The only single player title among top ten highest grossing premium games is Divinity: Original Sin that managed to earn $85 million, which is a tremendous result for an indie title.

While premium PC titles performed rather well, the majority of the PC market share went to free-to-play titles, which together generated $15 billion in revenue, taking almost 70 percent of the market. The most successful title is League of Legends with $2.1 billion in earnings followed by Dungeon Fighter Online ($1.4 billion), Crossfire ($1.4 billion), World of Tanks ($471 million), and Dota 2 ($406 million).

Last but not least, is revenue generated by gaming video content, where Twitch is unmatched holding more than half (54 percent) of the market. The popular streaming service generated $1.7 billion, with YouTube on second place with $690 million in revenue, a 50 percent decline compared to 2016. The reason for a massive flop in YouTube gaming-related earnings can be found in many scandals tied to big YouTube stars, which scared off advertisers. Also, an algorithm that should’ve blocked offensive videos lead to many unoffending videos being demonetized, which lead to a massive backlash from YouTube user base.

2018 forecasts show an increase in revenue across PC, Mobile, and console market along with breaking the magical $1 billion barrier by esports, which should bring $1.138 billion in revenues during 2018.

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