Hawaii Lawmakers Proposing Four New Pieces of Legislation That Should Deal with Loot Boxes

Overwatch loot box
Overwatch loot box

2017 was the year of loot boxes, and them getting implemented in AAA games for PC and consoles caught the attention of some states’ lawmakers. In the US, Hawaii and Washington state tried to legislate loot boxes, along with many countries around the world including the UK, New Zealand, Belgium, and Sweden. It now seems that Hawaii will try to push the thing to the end, with its lawmakers introducing four new pieces of legislation that should deal with loot boxes.

According to Hawaii Tribune, the first two bills, House Bill 2727 and Senate Bill 3025, should force video game publishers to label games containing “randomized purchase systems” (AKA loot boxes) along with drop chances for every reward.

The second pair of bills, House Bill 2686 and Senate Bill 3024, go even further. They seek to prohibit sales of any game with purchasable items that can be bought with real money to all persons younger than 21 years old.

“I grew up playing games my whole life,” stated Chris Lee, a Hawaii state legislator who first pointed towards the loot box problem. “I’ve watched firsthand the evolution of the industry from one that seeks to create new things to one that’s begun to exploit people, especially children, to maximize profit.”

Lee believes that “If enough of the market reacts, the industry would have to respond and change its practices.

“It’s a $30 billion industry. It’s bigger than Hollywood. It’s an industry that can reach into everyone’s pockets and phones and consoles and PCs, but there’s no authority to force them to disclose their practices.”

We hope that Chris Lee will succeed and that games with loot box mechanics will have to be clearly labeled. In the end, it is more important to educate parents, so they don’t end up buying games with loot box mechanics to their children.

A psychologist turned freelance writer and reviewer, Goran is a hardcore gamer with more than twenty years of experience, and interested in all kinds of technology. He also likes Sci Fi novels and basketball.