Relic Canceling All Future Dawn of War III Content

Dawn of War III
Dawn of War III

Dawn of War III was one of the most awaited titles of 2017, and when the game finally launched it had to defend against armies of angry fans. Despite the fact that this slightly awkward MOBA/RTS combo garnered more than solid reviews, it failed to sell in high enough numbers making Relic, the developers behind the game, to officially cancels all future content for the game and to completely abandon the work on Dawn of War III.

In a statement released to Eurogamer, Relic explained that “When a game underperforms, plans need to change. With Dawn of War 3, we simply don’t have the foundation we need to produce major content. We’re working in close partnership with Sega and Games Workshop to determine the best course of action while shifting focus to other projects within our portfolio.”

This means the game won’t get any expansions nor any new races. We can say that one of the major reasons for lukewarm sales numbers, as well as less than stellar Steam reviews, is the fact Dawn of War III came with just three races – Space Marines, Orks, and Eldar – and that decision to abandon the game won’t get Relic any favors with gamers. Of course, all those MOBA elements along with the single-player campaign that left lots to be desired and gameplay without the soul of previous DoW titles (and without the cover) also contributed to the game’s demise.

Dawn of War III just continued the trend Relic started with DoW II, which moved the games from their phenomenal RTS formula seen in the original Dawn of War and its expansions. It seems Relic wanted to bring the game to a younger, MOBA-focused, audience, but the gamble didn’t pay out. As for Relic, the studio is currently working on a new Age of Empires game as well as on one new, yet unannounced, project.

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